WWE Hell in a Cell Results

WWE Hell in a Cell Results (6/5/22)


WWE Hell in a Cell Results

June 5, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch

Lynch pushes Belair. Lynch pushes Asuka into Belair but Asuka puts on the breaks. Asuka and Belair send Lynch flying out of the ring. Asuka and Belair face off. Lynch tries a sneak attack but Belair picks her off the top and power slams her. Asuka leaps over Belair and dropkicks Lynch. Lynch gets to her feet. Asuka lands a bulldog/clothesline combo on Belair and Lynch. Asuka traps Belair in a flying armbar. Belair power out of it. Lynch tosses Asuka off the top rope onto Belair. Lynch tries to pin both women but can’t keep either of them down. Belair accidentally knocks Asuka off the apron.

Lynch lands a rope hang leg drop on Belair for a near fall. Lynch works over Belair. Asuka eats a baseball slide from Lynch. Lynch sends Asuka back into the ring. Lynch lands a leg drop on Belair. Asuka breaks up the pin with a basement kick. Asuka fires up and lands a German suplex. Hip attack by Asuka. Lynch kicks out. Lynch and Asuka trade submission attempts. Belair charges in and tries the KOD but Lynch lands on her feet. Belair beats down Lynch and Asuka in the corner. Lynch grabs Belair’s braid to escape. Belair glam slams Lynch onto Asuka. Handspring moonsault by Belair. Asuka lands a diving lung blower on Belair. Lynch dives off the top into a lung blower.

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Asuka puts Belair and Lynch in the ankle lock at the same time. Lynch and Belair roll Asuka out of the ring. Belair and Lynch trade shots. Lynch locks Belair in the Disarmher. Belair escapes. Lynch drops Belair with the Manhandle Slam. Asuka breaks up the pin. Belair tries another Glam slam but Asuka kicks her in the head as Lynch ducks. Lynch tosses Asuka out of the ring and tries to pin Belair. Asuka breaks up the pin again. Belair gets knocked off the apron. Lynch and Asuka trade pins attempts. Asuka traps Lynch in the Asuka Lock. Lynch escapes. Belair is sent out of the ring again. Lynch lands the Manhandle Slam on Asuka. Lynch tries to pin Asuka but Belair tosses Lynch out of the ring and steals her pin.

Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair!

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