Carmelo Hayes WWE NXT 2.0
Image Credit: WWE

NXT In Your House Result: Cameron Grimes vs. Carmelo Hayes (NXT North American Championship)

Cameron Grimes stepped into tonight’s NXT In Your House with a shot at defending his NXT North American Championship. Unfortunately for him, Carmelo Hayes wouldn’t be denied.

In a high-flying bout between the two superstars, it was Hayes who would come out on top and as the new North American Champion. Late in the match, Hayes was able to gain some help from Trick Williams, who was at ringside for the match.

After distracting Grimes for a moment and being taken out, Grimes went back into the ring, but was sent into the ring post by Hayes before Carmelo hit a diving leg drop for the win.

For a brief recap of how the match ended, check out below courtesy of our live, play-by-play coverage:

Back in the ring, Grimes lands a side effect for a near fall. Grimes tries a poison ranna but Hayes hooks the ropes. Grimes lands on his head. Lung blower by Hayes. Grimes lands his flipping slam. Hayes is out of it. Grimes finally hits his poison ranna, which causes Hayes to fly out of the ring. Grimes lands a dive that takes out Hayes and Williams. Willams tries to attack Grimes on the apron but Grimes blasts him with the Cave in. Grimes charges in and is sent into the ring post by Hayes. Hayes hits his diving leg drop for the win.

Winner and NEW North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes!

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