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Theory Vows To Ruin Mustafa Ali’s Homecoming At WWE Hell In A Cell

Theory is confident that he’ll spoil Mustafa Ali‘s homecoming at WWE Hell in a Cell.

On June 5, Ali will challenge Theory for the WWE United States Championship. The event will be held in Ali’s hometown of Chicago, and some fans have predicted that this dynamic could spell victory for the former Retribution leader.

But in an interview with BT Sport, Theory stated that wrestling in his hometown won’t make Ali a superhero on Sunday, and the champion vowed to leave the show with his title held high.

“For some reason, people seem to think when you perform where you’re from, that for some reason, you’re gonna have superpowers,” said Theory. “That’s not gonna be the case for Ali. For me, I love it. I love how excited they’re gonna be for him. Because they’re gonna be so mad when I hold my title high.

“And I’m gonna be the happiest man in Chicago on Sunday. And everybody that lives there, they gotta go back to that crappy place and go home. I hope you enjoy Hell in a Cell. You will be very disappointed, just because of Ali. Not only because of his talent and his mindset of why he’s gonna fail, but also he’s most definitely gonna fail because he’s from Chicago.”

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