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Ezekiel: Winning The WWE Tag Team Titles With Elias Would Be ‘The Ultimate Dream’

Since Ezekiel arrived on WWE RAW, he has been trying to prove that he and Elias are two different people. But “Zeke” ultimately hopes that, once he puts this matter to rest, he can chase the tag team titles with his brother.

Ezekiel has discussed his relationship with Elias in various interviews, and while he has made it clear that he doesn’t know where his brother is, he’d like to work alongside him someday.

During an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, when asked whether he ever teamed up with Elias before, “Zeke” stated that they used to have tag team matches for fun when they were kids. Years later, he’d like nothing more than to win the WWE Tag Team Championship with his brother.

“When we were kids, we would talk about it,” said Ezekiel. “We would have little tag team matches with our cousins and our friends and stuff like that. But never as we got older. Now that to me is the ultimate dream. I mean tag team champions with my older brother in the WWE, that would be, I mean nothing tops that. That’s the ultimate dream.”

“Zeke” also emphasized that being a WWE Superstar has been his dream for a long time, and he’s thankful for the way his brother set a path for him.

“I like to say that Elias walked so that Zeke could speak,” said Ezekiel. “And so I am just so grateful for everything he has done and kind of the path he has at least laid out there for me.”

Ezekiel will make his Premium Live Event when he faces Kevin Owens at WWE Hell in a Cell.

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