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WWE Hell In A Cell: Bobby Lashley vs. MVP & Omos Result

MVP and Omos hoped to end “The All Mighty Era” at WWE Hell in a Cell.

On June 5, the duo faced Bobby Lashley in a Handicap Match. “The Nigerian Giant” has been feuding with the former WWE Champion since WrestleMania 38, where Lashley defeated the big man in a singles match. The following night, Lashley’s manager, MVP, betrayed him and aligned with Omos. “The All Mighty” subsequently faced Omos at WWE WrestleMania Backlash, and MVP helped his new client win. Lashley won their third contest, a Steel Cage Match. When MVP defeated Lashley via countout, he picked a Handicap Match for the stipulation for Omos’ latest clash with Lashley at WWE Hell in a Cell.

Earlier in the show, before the match, Cedric Alexander told MVP and Omos he could attack Lashley in order to stack the odds in the duo’s favor. MVP turned him down and told him that the Hurt Business is finished; he made it clear that the group won’t be coming back.

Throughout the bout, the odds were stacked the former WWE Champion. Despite his impressive strength, Omos repeatedly overpowered Lashley. When he managed to gain some momentum, MVP always interfered and tipped the scales back in his client’s favor. Likewise, Omos constantly stepped in to help MVP maintain the advantage when he was in the ring. In one highlight, Omos slammed Lashley through the ringside barricade. In the end, Cedric Alexander ran to the ring, seemingly in an attempt to help his former Hurt Business associate, MVP.

Omos sent him out of the ring, and the distraction helped Lashley floor both of his opponents with a Spear. “The All Mighty” then earned the win by making MVP tap out to The Hurt Lock. After the match, Lashley taunted the sign of a title around his waist and grabbed a replica WWE Championship from the crowd to clearly indicate that he intends to become the champion again.

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