Bianca Belair WWE WrestleMania 38
Image Credit: WWE

Bianca Belair Adds Smart-EST To Her Accolades At WWE Hell In A Cell

Bianca Belair adds another EST to her resume.

In a WWE Digital Exclusive, Bianca Belair spoke about her win over Becky Lynch and Asuka at WWE Hell In A Cell on Sunday. Belair got one over on Lynch to pick up the victory, as she got Lynch out of the way and pinned Asuka after Lynch hit the Man-Handle Slam.

“I always that I am the B-E-S-T and there’s no better way to do it than to go against two women like Asuka, you know I feel about Becky Lynch as well. So I’m ecstatic. I’m happy, I’m the happi-est tonight because I’m still walking out as RAW Women’s Champion.

Belair commented on pinning Asuka after Becky slammed her, noting that she’s now the smart-est in WWE too.

“Well listen. I knew coming into Hell in a Cell that I was gonna have to be the strongest, the fastest, the roughest, toughest, the quickest, the best. But you know what made me win tonight was being the smart-est. Becky Lynch can’t outsmart me. I’m the EST girl of WWE and the smart-est. Now add that to the list.”

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