Bobby Lashley WWE WrestleMania 38
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Bobby Lashley Calls Win Over Omos & MVP A ‘Bittersweet’ Affair

Bobby Lashley is moving on after WWE Hell In A Cell.

In a WWE Digital Exclusive interview, Bobby Lashley spoke about his win over Omos and MVP being a glass-half-full type of moment.

“You know, it was kinda bittersweet. First of all, the Chicago crowd is alive, and they made me feel really good to be back out there and just doing what I did. I’ve been through a lot of bumps and bruises this year. And I feel like right now I’m starting to get back on the road. I’m engaging with the crowd, the crowd loves me, I love them. Everything seems good.”

Lashley then explained that MVP turning his back on him still hurts, but he’s moving on after Hell In A Cell.

That part with MVP, it still kinda hurts me a little bit. We’ve been through a lot. And for what he did and turned his back on me, I think that was just uncalled for. So I wish that never happened but it happened. So for me, I settled our differences, put him in the Hurt Lock, put him to sleep. Now I can move on to bigger and better things.”

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