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Booker T Hopes Big Things Will Happen For Athena In AEW, Sees It Benefitting Jade Cargill

Booker T highly believes Athena is a beneficial acquisition for All Elite Wrestling.

Recently on The Hall Of Fame Podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T shared his thoughts on the AEW signing of one of his former students, Athena. Athena arrived at Double Or Nothing, now assuming a feud with TBS Champion Jade Cargill. Booker T has high hopes for “The Fallen Goddess” in All Elite Wrestling.

“I want to congratulate her for hitting the spot man on the AEW roster and hopefully big things will happen moving forward in the future.”

Moreover, Booker T noted Athena’s experience as a benefit to a less experienced talent like Cargill, and as co-host Brad Gilmore pointed out, could help quell some of the feedback about AEW’s women’s roster depth.

“Well, definitely to be able to have them in some form just working towards getting to that place we’re trying to get [to]. Because like I say, Jade Cargill, she’s still a work in progress. And I don’t think we want to rush anything too soon. But just having someone like Athena around there for her to actually bounce off of and perhaps learn from, she definitely would be beneficial.”

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Athena recently spoke about leaving WWE and how she knew her release was coming. She told Chris Van Vliet that she turned down a new contract offer and what went into the decision.

“So I knew that I wasn’t going to re-sign so I knew that my release was coming,” Athena explained. “My contract was up in April, and they had offered me a ton of money to stay at one time. It was 5 times what I was making at that time, this was life-changing. Sometimes money can’t buy you happiness, and I know that sounds stupid to some people. I couldn’t believe what they were offering me. I was so unhappy, but some things you don’t do for money, you do for love. And this wasn’t fun for me, it was like a 9 to 5 job. For what we do every day, we risk our lives and no day is the same, so why do we feel this way?”

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