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Nick Aldis On World Title Match At NWA Alwayz Ready: ‘As Long As I’m There, They’ll Be Halfway Home’

Nick Aldis says that no matter how the NWA decides to handle Matt Cardona‘s injury, the promotion is already halfway toward having the kind of main event it needs.

At NWA Alwayz Ready, Cardona is scheduled to defend the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Aldis, a former champion who had an impressive run with the title. But Cardona tore his bicep at GCW Downward Spiral, and the injury required surgery. He’s still set to appear at Alwayz Ready, but it’s unclear how the company will audible with the main event.

During an appearance on FITE in Focus, when asked about what fans can expect to see on Saturday, Aldis stated that the show needs the main event to be a title match that fits the NWA’s standard. He also expressed his belief that the match will be better off without Cardona.

“All I would say is it’s important, if you really want the NWA to be what the NWA stands for, the main event needs to be a match that determines the world champion, and it’s got to be the match that closes the show,” said Aldis. “It’s got to be a match that fits the standard and the criteria.

“And to be totally honest, it will probably be better without Matt Cardona because Matt Cardona doesn’t represent those kind of qualities anyway. He’s cheap, his style is just very basic. He’s not a NWA wrestler, he’s not a NWA-style wrestler. He’s not a guy who can wrestle anyone and can deliver the high quality professional level match that is synonymous with the NWA. So as long as I’m there, they’ll be halfway home.”

“The National Treasure” went on to note that there are several competitors who could step up and compete for the title, but the decision is out of his hands. At the end of the day, he’s focused on delivering an excellent performance, no matter what.

“Now as far as who else wants to step up, there’s several guys on the NWA roster who absolutely are willing and able and deserving of an opportunity to wrestle for that championship,” said Aldis. “So I think that whenever the decision gets made, and again I have no part in that, and I don’t want any part on that. I get paid to show up and deliver. And if I they know what’s good for them, it’s in the main event. So that’s all I intend to do this weekend.”

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