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Photo Credit: Doritos (via screencap)

El Santo Fights A Demogorgon From Stranger Things In New Flamin’ Hot Doritos Ad

El Santo is in for quite the battle against a Demogorgon in a new Doritos commercial.

A new ad for Flamin’ Hot Doritos features a fictional Lucha libre wrestling match pitting legendary wrestler El Santo against a Demogorgon from Stranger Things

“The most anticipated day throughout Mexico has just arrived,” the commercial begins. “Today after 35 years we will reveal in an unprecedented way, live, on television, Twitch and other platforms for millions of Mexicans, a fight considered top secret for a long time to this day. So, the most Flamin Hot fight in history is about to begin!”

The ad is full of references to the hit Netflix show, including having the match take place at the Hawkins Coliseum as well as ads for the Starcourt Mall.

Check out the full ad below:

El Santo passed away in 1984, but he remains one of the most famous Mexican Luchadores of all time and his cultural impact is still felt to this day. In addition to having a career that spanned nearly fifty years, El Santo was also featured in dozens of comic books and movies during his time as an active wrestler. Disney and Pixar’s Coco even featured an El Santo cameo, as an excited security guard takes a photo with him in the film’s “Land of the Dead.”

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