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PJ Hawx Hopes To ‘Scrap And Claw’ His Way To Victory, Add To His Family Legacy At NWA Alwayz Ready

PJ Hawx is ready for a fight.

Ahead of his Junior Heavyweight Championship match against Homicide at NWA Alwayz Ready, WrestleZone spoke to PJ Hawx about what the match means to him personally and in a historical context. The Billy Corgan-owned NWA brought the title back last year, but the championship dates all the way back to 1945.

“It’s a very important match for me. The Junior Heavyweight Championship holds so much prestige, not just in the NWA, but just in general how long the title has been around. It just got brought back into the NWA,” he noted, “but it’s been around for a long time, so that in itself is awesome. But again, like you said, Homicide is a decorated wrestler. I mean, he’s been around, almost 30 years, which is amazing. He knows his stuff, so it’s going to be a tough match. I got to go in there and I got to do what I got to do. I got to scrap and claw to come away with the win.”

Hawx noted that he still considers himself a tag team wrestler, pointing to his work with his father, Luke Hawx. The father and son pair have worked as “Hawx Aerie” in several promotions, but PJ says that he’s thankful for the opportunity he has at Alwayz Ready to potentially win his first singles title and represent the NWA in a new way.

“I want to focus on both, but this is a big opportunity for myself. This will be my first ever singles career title that I’d ever hold. So I mean, that in itself is a big deal. But at the same time, I’m proud to be in the NWA. The NWA is a fantastic place. The wrestling is good. It’s a place where I want to be and to be able to hold that championship if I win it, I can’t ask for anything more to be a proud representation of the NWA. If I can add myself on that list if I win this Saturday, that would be amazing,” Hawx said. “It’d be something I’d love to accomplish, not only for myself, but the Hawx legacy as well. So it’s etching our name and family history.”

Hawx gained notoriety for his infamous second-story dive at a wrestling event inside a mall, with the clip now totaling 8.5 million views on Twitter. Asked what it means to have so much attention on him in the form of the NWA stage, Hawx said that it’s a huge privilege, especially because it feels like he and the NWA are gaining momentum again. Hawx Aerie was part of NWA’s Circle Squared show before the pandemic, but everything was put on hold for several months because of COVID-19. Now, Hawx feels like the hard work is starting to pay off and people will see just how resilient he is against Homicide.

“I feel like I proved myself at NWA and so has Hawx Aerie. We always put our best foot forward and no matter what we try to provide the best matches that we can. We go out there and we grind. That’s what my dad raised me to do. I grind. I always work hard. I always try to do the best I can no matter what and I think it’s really starting to show. Crockett Cup was a big turning point for me because my dad, unfortunately, got hurt the first match. I took on La Rebellion by myself and they gave me a hell of a beating, but I just didn’t give up,” Hawx stated.

“And that’s just part of it. I think people see how resilient I am and how I’m going to keep fighting back. And also, I love technical wrestling. I love to wear people down. I love to take them down. I love to throw them. That’s just my that’s my game. And to be able to showcase that, NWA is a great place to do that. That’s what I love about it. I can be who I am people may have not seen that side of me because they think, ‘oh, he just dives off balconies’ and stuff like that. But no, there’s more to me than just that,” he explained, “and it’s cool to be able to showcase that. And again, it’s just a huge privilege. I am super excited for this weekend to go in and just show what I can do.”

NWA Alwayz Ready takes place on Saturday, June 11. The event is available to pre-order on FITE now. Check out our full video interview with PJ Hawx at the top of this post, where he also speaks about his work on Heelslooking forward to season two of the show and more.

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