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PJ Hawx Is Having A Blast Filming Season 2 Of ‘Heels’, Proud To Have NWA Representation

PJ Hawx is excited for fans to see what’s in store for season two of Heels. 

National Wrestling Alliance star PJ Hawx recently spoke with WrestleZone about his in-ring career and work on the STARZ series HeelsHawx plays Denny the referee on the television show but he has also been working behind the scenes alongside his father and Hawx Aerie tag team partner, Luke Hawx, who serves as the show’s wrestling coordinator.

PJ spoke about what his backstage role entails and noted that production is nearly finished on the new season.

“It’s been going really well, man. Season two is going to be very action-packed. A lot of wrestling, a lot of drama. It’s going to be wild. But yeah, the process is basically I’m his assistant, so I’ll go in and help the actors, whether it’s Stephen [Amell] or Kelly Berglund or Alexander [Luwig] or whoever it is. We get in the ring and we show them, ‘Hey, okay, we’re going to lock up here. That’s how you throw a clothesline.’ And it’s pretty fun, man,” he explained. “I can’t lie, it’s a blast.

“I’m excited for everybody to watch it again,” Hawx said. “We’re getting close to being done, but hopefully by sometime this year, if not next year. It’ll air definitely next year, obviously, but hopefully sometime this year.”

In addition to having AEW and IMPACT talent on this season, Heels also has some help from the National Wrestling Alliance. Asked about having NWA representation on the show, Hawx said it’s been a great experience seeing both of his professional worlds working together.

“I started stunts about I want to say maybe 6 to 8 months after I started my professional wrestling debut. So I started wrestling in 2017. I started stunts in the beginning of 2018. So I’ve been doing it almost five years now. But it’s cool because again, this show, it’s not just a typical, ‘I got to get hit by a car or, you know, I got to take a fall.’ We do fight choreography and we get to mix the two worlds of wrestling and stunts. It’s awesome to get wrestlers opportunities to be on the show because obviously, we know Hollywood is a big deal and stuff,” Hawx explained, “and at the same time it’s nice to that wrestling is getting portrayed in a good light, of course.

“If anybody’s watched Heels, it’s a great show. It’s got a good story. And it’s not just about the wrestling, it shows the inside about what the characters go through, like what Jack goes through as a promoter, as a husband, as a father and all that stuff. How Ace goes through as a brother, it just helps shed the light on ‘okay, this is what these people go through.’ That’s the coolest thing about it, again,” he noted, “is just telling everybody’s story, you know what I mean? People can, if you’re a wrestler, you can be like, I can relate to that because I know what that goes through, you know? And same thing for maybe people that don’t know, but they watch like, ‘man, I never knew that about them.’ So I think that’s probably the coolest thing about being able to merge the two worlds together and of course, represent the NWA at the same time as well.”


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