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NWA Alwayz Ready Results – New NWA World Champion, Tag Team Champions Crowned

NWA Alwayz Ready Results – June 11, 2022

Aron Stevens’ Swan Song

Aron Stevens vs. Trevor Murdoch 

Murdoch and Stevens trade off on side headlock takedowns, then Stevens goes for a leglock. Murdoch kicks him back and fires back with a boot to the mouth. Murdoch stomps Stevens and tries to keep him down, then Stevens finally comes back with a clothesline. Murdoch gets back on the offensive and targets Stevens’ knee, then he heads up top and connects with a diving bulldog for the win.

Winner – Trevor Murdoch 

After the bell, Stevens is slow to get up but eventually takes a mic and simply says “You’re Welcome” to the crowd.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship

The Hex (Allysin Kay and Marti Belle) (c) vs. Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy and Kenzie Paige) 

Kay takes Kenzie down with a side headlock, then she works back to the corner and tags Marti in. A few more quick tags, then Kay gets a near fall before Kenzie breaks a wristlock and runs to her corner for the tag. Kay trips Ella up and applies a headlock, then Marti gets the tag and they hit some tandem moves before Marti hits a Penalty Kick for two. Pretty Empowered tries to regroup on the floor, but Marti takes them down with a dive. Kay goes up top but Kenzie hits her from behind and follows with a powerbomb off the turnbuckles for two. Pretty Empowered finally gets the upperhand after some shenanigans on the floor, then Ella gets the belt and brings it into the ring. The referee stops her, but Ella kicks Marti below the belt and slams her down for the win.

Winners and NEW NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions – Pretty Empowered 

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship

Homicide (c) vs. PJ Hawx 

Homicide goes to the mat early, taking PJ down with a side headlock. Homicide tries to come back with a backslide, but PJ kicks out and makes his own cover for a near fall. PJ takes Homicide down again, but Homicide comes right back with a backbreaker. Homicide hits a DDT and follows up with an STF, but PJ fights out of it.

Homicide props PJ on the top rope, but PJ counters with some gutwrench slams before hitting a suplex. Homicide gets PJ back in the corner, but PJ hits a superplex to keep him down. Homicide comes back with a cutter, then he hits the Cop Killa for the win.

In a show of respect, Homicide raises PJ’s arm in the air after the match.

Winner – Homicide

The Fixers attack after the match, and Luke Hawx runs out for the save. The Fixers attack him too, but Ricky and Kerry Morton chase them off. Colby Corino comes out with a referee and says he’s cashing in his title shot, and we’ve got another title match underway.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship

Homicide (c) vs. Colby Corino 

Colby attacks Homicide early, chopping him in the corner and slamming his head into the turnbuckles. Homicide curses out Corino, then Corino kicks him in the face and connects with a knee buster. Homicide makes a comeback and tries to powerbomb Corino on the floor, but Corino counters and slams him on the side apron. Corino connects with a dive on the floor and taunts the crowd, but Homicide is there waiting for him as they get back in the ring. Homicide throws him outside and tries to suplex him through the commentary table, but Corino counters and throws him face first onto the ring apron. The match finally makes it back in the ring, and Homicide attempts a Cop Killa but Corino counters. Homicide finally hits it… but Corino kicks out and Homicide can’t believe it. Corino connects with a thrust kick and a rising knee strike, but Homicide comes right back with a clothesline and follows with a seated pin for the win.

Winner – Homicide 

Taya Valkyrie vs. Natalia Markova (w/ Taryn Terrell) 

Taya catches Natalia with a running elbow near the ropes, then connects with it a second time as Taryn shows her displeasure. Taya hits a leg lariat for two, then she goes for another pinfall but Taryn pulls her off the cover. Natalia takes advantage by whipping Taya into the opposite corner and driving her heel into Taya’s throat. Natalia taunts Taya and spanks her, then Taya returns the favor and Natalia fires back with some chops. Taya ducks Beautiful Destruction but runs into a Jazz Stinger for two.

While Taya is down in the corner, Taryn gets on the apron and celebrates like they won the match. Natalia questions her actions, then Taya runs over and sweeps her legs to send her face-first onto the apron. Taya gets Natalia back in the ring and kicks her in the back of the head and follows with a corner leg lariat and Meteora. Taya hits Road To Valhalla but Taryn jumps on the apron, and Taya and the ref move towards the ropes. Natalia uses the distraction and connects with Beautiful Destruction for the win.

Winner – Natalia Markova 


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