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New NWA Tag Team Champions Crowned At NWA Alwayz Ready

Commonwealth Connection has won the gold, as the pair walked into tonight’s NWA Alwayz Ready event to take down the long-reigning La Rebelión.

This is Commonwealth Connection’s first title win in NWA. This title win also marks the first championship win for Doug Williams since he won the Progress Atlas Championship in 2018, and the first title win for Smith since winning the MLW World Tag Team Championship in 2019. La Rebelión’s title reign ends at 286 days; they won the titles at the NWA 73rd Anniversary Show in St. Louis in August 2021.

For a recap of how the match ended, check out below courtesy of our live, play-by-play coverage:

Wolf shoulder tackles Williams and follows with a dropkick. Williams fires back with some European uppercuts and both make the fresh tag. Smith hits a butterfly suplex and follows with a headlock, then Williams tags back in and suplexes Wolf before Smith gets back in and sets Bestia on the turnbuckles. Bestia connects with some headbutts and a tornado DDT, then Wolf tags in and Bestia assists with some tandem moves. La Rebelion hits Mark Of The Beast but Smith stops the pin attempt, then La Rebelion hits Total Rebellion on Williams after throwing Smith outside. Williams gets busted open, then Williams assists with double team moves before diving off the top to hit a fallaway slam, followed by a diving headbutt from Smith for the win.

Winners and NEW NWA World Tag Team Champions – Commonwealth Connection

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