WWE Official Tim White
WWE Official Tim White

Former WWE Referee Tim White Passes Away At Age 68

It’s absolutely a sad weekend in the officiating world of professional wrestling as former WWE/WWF referee Tim White has passed away at age 68.

The news comes on the same weekend that former WWE referee Dave Hebner passed away at age 73. Read more on that here.

Tim White served as WWE’s lead official for numerous years, calling many high-profile matches for the company including the HIAC match at Judgment Day in 2002 between Chris Jericho and Triple H. White was also instrumental in working with Andre The Giant, serving as his ‘handler’ on the road to make his travel arrangements as comfortable as possible and being known as one of his closest friends.

White also owned a bar in Rhode Island called ‘The Friendly Tap’ in which many WWF vignettes/bar fights were taped.

White briefly in 2002 and would again in 2004 for WrestleMania 20. WWE released a statement on White’s death which you can read below.

WWE is saddened to learn that long-time referee Tim White has passed away. For more than two decades, Tim White was a dedicated WWE referee and official. White began his illustrious career in 1985 working with Andre the Giant and as a part-time referee.

During his tenure, he was the referee for some of WWE’s biggest matches, including the infamous Hell in a Cell Match between Undertaker and Mankind at King of the Ring 1998.

A shoulder injury effectively ended White’s in-ring career, but White still remained a major part of WWE working behind the scenes as an official and talent agent until 2009. WWE extends its condolences to White’s family, friends and fans.

Wrestlezone would like extend its greatest condolences to White and his family.

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