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Jordynne Grace Reflects On Queen Of The Mountain Win, Ready To Be The Face Of The Knockouts Division

Jordynne Grace is ready to be the best champion she can be for IMPACT Wrestling.

New IMPACT Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace spoke with WrestleZone about her Knockouts Championship win as well as how she wants it to stand out from her first reign. Prior to Slammiversary, Grace said she felt like she didn’t get her just due during her first reign as champion, noting that it took place in empty arenas during the pandemic. Now, she says she just wants to bring more eyes to IMPACT Wrestling and hopes fans give them a second chance.

“I feel great. I feel extremely motivated. One of my main goals as the new Knockouts champion is to bring more eyes to IMPACT. I want to have some incredible women’s matches so that more people will see how good the women’s division is, and hopefully, they’ll see with that how amazing IMPACT is. I just want people to give if they’ve watched IMPACT before and they kind of got turned off to it during the whole era where basically we were doing some weird stuff,” Grace explained, “I hope people get a second chance.”

Jordynne Grace has accomplished plenty in her IMPACT Wrestling career, winning all three of the company’s active women’s championships. Asked about her next goals in IMPACT, she said she’d not only like to break Taya Valkyrie’s record of 377 days for a single reign, but she’d also like to win every title in the company, including the X Division and World Championship.

“I would love to break Taya’s streak as the longest-reigning Knockouts champion. So that’s the goal I have, but obviously, that’s not entirely up to me. Another goal I have is just to bring more eyes to the Knockouts division in general. I really want to be the best champion I can for this company,” she said. “I feel like they’ve put a lot of responsibility on me and I feel like I’m really ready to be the face of the Knockouts division.

“One of my biggest goals in IMPACT before I eventually move on or retire would be to win every title at the company. So I believe I have three left to go,” Grace noted. “The tag titles, the X-Division title and the World title.”

Grace will be part of IMPACT Wrestling’s Against All Odds tapings on July 1 and 2, and the weekend is a “hometown” show for the Atlanta-area resident. Grace said she’s not only excited to walk into a television taping as champion, but Center Stage is a venue that is one of her favorites to perform in.

“I’m really super, super excited about it. Center Stage in Atlanta is one of my favorite places in the world to wrestle, probably my favorite place in the United States. The venue is really set up like any other venue I’ve ever been to. It’s very Spartan-style, like a gladiator coliseum where the wrestling ring is set up in the center. I feel like it’s a different viewpoint from fans as opposed to sitting in the chair like they normally have to do. If you’re short and someone’s taller in front of you seeing over them, it’s a big problem,” she pointed out, “but these are basically like almost bleachers. So you can see really everything, and I’m stoked to wrestle there for IMPACT.”

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