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Ace Romero Ready To Show Out At MLW Battle Riot, Eyes Potential Showdown With Jacob Fatu

Ace Romero is ready to show out and show the world what he can do inside the ring.

Battle Riot IV marks Ace Romero’s first appearance in MLW in three years, and he spoke with WrestleZone about why the timing was right and what he expects out of the match.

“Everything in wrestling was about timing. It was very unfortunate how things happened with IMPACT, but it really came down to the world we were living in at that time, having COVID, that took me off of television and basically it was like wrong place, wrong time. At that time, IMPACT was doing a lot of stuff with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling and I was the odd man out. It’s hard to write someone back in like that for TV, which I understand,” Romero noted, “when you’ve got so many bodies and so many spots. That led to my decision after eight months, nine months of not being on TV [to ask for my release].

“In between all of that, I keep my eye on everything, I watch all of it, all of the major stuff, Major League Wrestling. It might be a surprise that I’m going back there, but I’m happy to go back there,” he stated. “They were the first major company to give me an opportunity, which I always appreciated. I’m happy to be back there and I think it’s going to be awesome. It’s a good time to re-debut at an event called Battle Riot. It’s an unexpected match with crazy surprises, 40 men, anything can happen.”

Ace Romero asked for his release from IMPACT Wrestling and had it granted in October 2021, and he’s been working overseas for OTT and wXw ahead of his Major League Wrestling return. Romero returns to face a MLW roster that looks much different than his last run, but the company’s fundamentals still remain. Focusing on up-and-coming and underappreciated wrestlers, Romero said that he’s currently signed for Battle Riot, but hopes to make a great impression and come back for an extended run with a talented roster.

“You said it all — basically I want to work, I want to wrestle. When I was at IMPACT, I wanted to wrestle, and it hurt a lot that I couldn’t wrestle. I don’t know if this is a one-shot deal or if anything else will come from it, I’d love to get back in there and chat with [MLW owner Court Bauer] and see [what the future holds], but I’m taking it one step at a time. I’m going into the Battle Riot, I want to show out and show the world what I know. I want to show the world how good I am and what I bring to the table.”

Asked if there’s anyone he would like to square off with if given the chance, Romero said Jacob Fatu is one his top choices. Romero and Fatu have squared off before (the last match at AAW Take No Prisoners 2019), but he’d like another chance to test himself against the former World Heavyweight Champion.

“There’s so much good talent there,” Romero said. “Since I was last there, the roster has changed quite a bit. There’s still some guys there, but there’s guys like Jacob Fatu, who I don’t think I’ve seen since my last run there. I haven’t been in the ring with him [in a long time]. I’m looking forward to maybe mixing it up with him tomorrow night. That’s a match that if you can get a hold of it, we did that at AAW in Chicago, but guys like that. They have a lot of heavy hitters, but I would like to run into Jacob Fatu and see what goes down.”

MLW Battle Riot IV takes place at the Melrose Ballroom in New York City on Thursday, June 23. Tickets are still available; more event info can be found at this link.

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