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Cameron Grimes: I Am The Rubik’s Cube That Bron Breakker Won’t Be Able To Solve

Cameron Grimes is confident that his experience advantage will make all the difference when he faces NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

Grimes will challenge for the gold at WWE NXT Great American Bash on July 5; in doing so, he’ll aim to dethrone Breakker and win the NXT Championship for the first time.

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Grimes stated that he has forgotten more than Breakker has even learned, and while he has already won one title in NXT, he wasn’t satisfied with the length of his reign. For the reason, he decided to step up to the proverbial top dog.

“I can tell you at 28 years old and 14 years in this business, seven of those 14 years have been on national television, I have forgotten more than that kid’s learned in this short amount of time,” said Grimes. “I am ready for this. I won the North American Championship earlier this year from Carmelo Hayes, and that was the biggest moment of my life. I dedicated that match to my father because I told my father that I would be a champion in this company. 65 days is not long enough for me in this company. 65 days is not long enough for me to be a champion and for me to say that I am a champion.

“So instead of trying to go back for the North American Title, I’m coming at Bron Breakker. I’m coming at the biggest guy we got, the NXT Champion. And if I don’t win that, then I don’t have a backup plan. This is all I got.”

“I think the strengths is the complete obvious,” said Grimes. “Have you seen the shoulders on that got? He’s six foot wide, he looks like a dump truck. But then the worst part is that when he played football, he was a fullback. The fullbacks are tough. They are built to just run through people as fast as they can, so he’s strong and he’s fast. But the weakness comes to his knowledge of this business. Yes his father was in this business. Yes his uncle was in this business. But were they true technical masterclasses? No, they were just some tough guys.

“And tough guys eventually run into a wall. Tough guys can have the rug pulled out from underneath them. Eventually tough guys run into an obstacle that they’re not prepared for. And that’s gonna be me. I am the Rubik’s Cube that he’s gonna have to solve. Do you think that Bron Breakker can solve a Rubik’s Cube? I don’t think so.

As for himself, the former North American Champion emphasized that he has learned a lot from working with some living legends, including Shawn Michaels and Triple H. He noted that this experience has helped craft his mind as a wrestler, so he’s confident in his ability to prepare for more situations than Breakker has dealt with.

“Egotistically speaking, I’ll say that my strengths are that I am prepared for all these situations,” said Grimes. “I have learned from the greatest. I have worked under so many of the greatest, and now I’m under Shawn Michaels and Triple H, so the minds that I have been able to work through have been incredible. And that’s what gets you through this business is your mind. And I think that I am prepared better than Bron is in that situation.

“I think that I have been in more matches and I have seen more outcomes than he has, so I can react to that better than he can. I think I am well built for those situations where he’s been here three months. As much strength and knowledge that he may have gotten in the three months is just not gonna compete to me. I think that’s where my strengths are.”

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