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Alan ‘5’ Angels Recalls His Favorite Memories Of Dark Order

Alan Angels had a lot of fun during his time with the Dark Order.

The man formerly known as “5” has departed All Elite Wrestling, but he has plenty of fond memories from his time with the group.

In an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Angels looked back on the way the stable became a fan-favorite faction and noted that John Silvers and Alex Reynolds are responsible for a lot of the group’s comedic segments on BTE. He also credited Reynolds as the “idea guy” and recalled some of his favorite segments.

“A lot of it was originally it was John and Alex, and those guys contributed to a lot of it,” said Angels. “Alex is the guy that comes up with a lot of the ideas, even to this day, he’s still the guy that’s like the idea guy. So shoutout to him. But John, he’s f—— hilarious and Uno, funny as f——, too. So those guys, yeah it was great. And it just started with Alex and John at first and it just, they brought it over and eventually it ended up being Al of us.

“The Sue skit, probably my favorite of all time. There’s also one where we were in the bathroom and we’re just shoot in the men’s bathroom, all seven of us or eight of us, whatever, we’re in there filming and it’s just so funny. It’s just one of those, everybody just kept up cracking up, laughing, and Brodie’s in our face, ‘Are you f—— crying? Are you f—— crying right now?’ So that’s one of my favorites too.”

Aside from their comedic segments, the Dark Order is also known for its numerous multi-man tag team squash matches on AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation. Angels noted that the group got plenty of repetition with these bouts, and he joked that they could have won an award for it.

“I think the Dark Order is, we’ve done so many of them now, it’s just like let’s go, we got this,” said Angels. “It’s easy. Now we just kinda know. We would show up every week and maybe we got like an eight-man squash. We kinda get it now. It’s just all that repetition of doing the same thing over and over again. I feel like we’re the best at eight-man squash matches. If there was an award for that, I think we’d get it.”

Angels recently made his IMPACT Wrestling debut. More information is available here.

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