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Tamina On The Rock Buying Her A House: ‘He’s Always Been That Loving, Giving Person’

The Rock recently generated some positive news when he gave his cousin, WWE star Tamina, a house. The heartwarming moment went viral as it was shared on social media.

During an appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Tamina recalled the moments leading up to the video and how The Rock staged the scene.

“I was standing outside on the driveway and he wouldn’t let me come in. He said to wait, and I said okay, so then he drove me up to the house, and then I came up to the driveway. He walks out, and that’s how this happened. He said okay, come on in, and he covered my eyes, and that’s where you see it, exactly like that.

When asked, the veteran explained that she had no idea that “The Great One” was planning to give her a house, let alone furnish it. She opened up on how she works hard for her kids, and she has gotten used to bouncing from place to place.

“Not this sense of like the way that he was setting this all up, no,” said Tamina. “I did not know that he was gonna do it like this. There’s no freaking way that this was gonna happen like this. You know me, I’d be like hey yeah, here you go, here’s your house. Hell yeah, I’d go in, do that whole get Chinese food and sit on the floor, you know what I mean. Sleep on the sleeping bag, I’m down with that too. I would have been happy in an empty house, you know what I’m saying? I got it. Don’t worry , I’ll go get my furniture. I’ll slowly move in.

“Because not everybody does where it’s like hey, you go here, you go there. well that was my thing, that was me. I was hopping from place to place to place all the time. Everything I have, it goes to my kids. You work for your kids and family. You wanna get that, you wanna get that, you say, hey, let me get that Louis Vuitton purse, and you say man. Man, you got $2000 of kids freaking sports to pay. No, you got bills to pay.”

Tamina then discussed The Rock’s generosity by describing how that’s always who he has been, dating back to when they were younger. She made it clear that she appreciates all that he has done for her.

“That’s just his heart,” said Tamina. “Dwayne’s always been that way, and ever since we’ve been young, this is all I’ve ever known him to he. He’s always been that loving, giving person. And not a lot of people get to see that side of him. You know know what I’m saying? Like nobody ever gets it, but this man has done above and beyond for me more than I can even imagine. For anybody to even imagine what he’s done for me, and it’s like that’s my brother, you know? That’s my bro. Like I love that man. He’s aight!”

The Rock was recently named as the Master of Ceremonies for Shark Week. More information is available here.

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