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Josh Alexander Details Recent Contract Negotiations, Visa Issues Affecting His IMPACT TV Absence

Josh Alexander‘s absence from IMPACT Wrestling in February was not a storyline.

IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander recently spoke with WrestleZone to promote the company’s television tapings in Louisville. In February, Alexander left IMPACT Wrestling television and had to cancel some independent appearances due to his contract expiring, in addition to having visa issues.

Alexander said things resolved themselves fairly quickly and he detailed how he and IMPACT came up with something to explain his absence. Alexander said that by the time the two sides came to an agreement his visa expired, so he had to extend his hiatus a bit longer.

“It was probably within a week. We filmed all that stuff, I think it was in Florida in late January, about me going home and possibly being the hottest unsigned talent in the world again and all that stuff with Scott D’Amore. It was strictly because we hadn’t really agreed to anything concrete and they wanted to keep the option open of maybe I might not be coming back to IMPACT Wrestling,” Alexander explained, “even though I had expressed that this is where I wanted to be and everything else, and they wanted me to stay and all this other stuff.

“We hadn’t come to a complete agreement by the time of those television tapings. And by the time we did come to an agreement, unfortunately, my visa had lapsed to the point where they couldn’t get an immediate renewal,” he noted, “so they had to reapply, that took an extra three weeks.”

Josh Alexander returned to IMPACT at Sacrifice in March, but he kept busy at home in Canada while he was waiting for things to be resolved. Alexander shared a photo of himself on social media at a job site, calling back to his former trade in construction. Some speculated that Alexander’s situation was a work, but he explained that his contract and visa were legitimate, and he returned to work for his uncle while he waited to get the go-ahead for his in-ring return.

“I was on the job site. I’ve done construction for the better part of the last 15 years of a professional wrestler. And for the last few years of my trade, actually, my uncle owns a company in the trade. So every once in a while he’ll hit me up to help him with jobs and stuff like that. He just hit me up when I was I happened to be home for that month and I said, ‘Sure, I’m not doing anything else’. I might as well make some money. So I figured it would only help my situation. You know what I mean? It’s like ‘take a picture’, but it was genuine.”

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