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MLW Kings Of Colosseum Results And Stream – July 14, 2022

MLW Kings of Colosseum – July 14, 2022

The show opened with a video package that explains the rise and fall of The Dynasty stable that originally consisted of Alex Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, and MJF. Setting the scene for tonight’s title match between Hammerstone and Holliday.

Brittany Blake defeated Zoey Skye

  • The closing moments of the match saw Brittany Blake hit a tornado DDT on Zoey Skye, who kicked out at two. Blake then put Skye in the Bad Omen (an arm-trapped seated cloverleaf) to secure the submission victory.

One-half of the MLW World Tag Team Champions, EJ Nduka, is interviewed backstage regarding the implosion of The Dynasty. Nduka wondered why with his current in-ring record and everything he’s done in Major League Wrestling, he wasn’t competing for the title instead. He follows that up by saying he’s just playing and that he’ll be in the VIP section to watch the match tonight. He says his time is coming.

A video package plays for MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone to further hype tonight’s main event. They announce that the new season of MLW Fusion will kick off this fall. There is a quick hype package showcasing the current rivalry between Real1 nZo and Jacob Fatu, followed by the company announcing its partnership with Hot Topic.

Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout are interviewed backstage regarding his match later on in the evening. Holliday said he wants Hammerstone to treat his entrance tonight like he’s walking down memory lane. Then when he gets in the ring and looks him in the eye, he wants Hammerstone to realize that all the time and memories with The Dynasty meant nothing to him. Holliday says all he cares about is money, winning, and championships. Holliday said tonight he’ll prove that he was always the sole proprietor of The Dynasty and will leave Kings of Colosseum tonight as the new MLW World Heavyweight Champion.

Matt Cross defeated ACH

  • The closing moments of the match saw Matt Cross hit a springboard cutter on ACH followed by a top rope Shooting Star Press to pick up the pinfall victory.

Alex Hammerstone cuts a promo backstage, saying that we’re finally at the match that Holliday wanted. But Hammerstone believes the nerves for Holliday is starting to set in and that his nerves are going to take him over and that he’s not going to be able to take the MLW World Championship. He wants Holliday to realize that his actions have consequences and that he is the consequence.

They show a shadowy figure entering Richard Holliday’s locker room as the commentary team speculates on who it might have been as Holliday has a history with crooked referees. This is followed by a quick video package for Mance Warner, and it says that he’s coming to Major League Wrestling soon.

We then get a hype package showcasing an upcoming match between MLW World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed and Davey Richards. Reed said he’s trained with Richards in the past, and he’s not impressed. He says he’s no longer a big dog in professional wrestling.

Alex Hammerstone defeated Richard Holliday to retain the MLW World Heavyweight Championship

  • The closing moments of the main event were all Alex Hammerstone, who hit the Nightmare Pendulum on Richard Holliday for the pinfall victory to retain his championship.

Hammerstone celebrated with the fans at ringside to end the show.

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