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Madcap Moss: Paul Heyman’s Praise Is A Vote Of Confidence, I Want To Prove Him Right

Madcap Moss wants to prove Paul Heyman right.

In an interview with NBC Sports Boston, Moss responded to the previous comments Heyman made about him. The former ECW boss stated that Moss will be a star in WWE as he continues to evolve. When asked about these remarks, Madcap noted that he sometimes questions his belief in his abilities, but having Heyman’s endorsement is a vote of confidence.

“I’m a very analytical person. I have a very analytical mind, and I’m very skeptical. So I say that just to lay the foundation of this whole topic because I look at myself and I look at what I bring to the table. And I’m very confident in what I bring to the table, from an athletic perspective, from an entertainment perspective, and toughness, all of it, the speaking, the communication. And I feel very confident that I can do that, each of those things, with the best of them in this industry. But when you get a vote of confidence like that from Paul Heyman, the analytical side of me that might be skeptical about well maybe I’m just hyping myself up in my head a little bit too much. Maybe I’m not really as good as I think I am.

“Those go out the window when you got someone like Paul Heyman, who’s an absolute legend in so many different ways, as a performer, as a promoter, as a judge of talent in his industry, and when he’s saying those things about me, going out of his way to say those things about me, it gives me a vote of confidence that I am on the right track and I can do all of those things with the best of them.”

Moss also emphasized how he wants to prove Heyman right; he recalled how Brock Lesnar’s former advocate pushed to get him on WWE RAW in 2020, and he wants to pay him back for that. The SmackDown star went on to note that Heyman continues to give him advice.

“It also motivates to make him live up to his word. And part of that is because I just want to prove him and I appreciate him saying that. But he’s also a big reason that I’m in the position I am in today. He was a big part of getting me an opportunity on RAW at the beginning of 2020.

“So I want to, I owe Paul for that, and I want to prove him right in a number of ways. And I really appreciate every time he says that, and also in private, when he talks to me and not only builds my confidence but also gives me advice and directs me in different ways, how I can maybe improve and what I can do better.”

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