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Madcap Moss Discusses Comparisons To Batista, Looks Forward To Testing Himself Against Theory

Madcap Moss is one of the brightest rising stars on WWE SmackDown, and he has his sights set on some impressive heights.

Moss broke free of Happy Corbin earlier this year and subsequently won the feud between the duo. In doing so, he established his place as remarkable competitor to look out for on the blue brand.

In an interview with NBC Sports Boston, Moss discussed reaching the next level and being compared to Batista. He drew similarities between himself and “The Animal” before noting that he believes he can be a genuine main-eventer.

“That is a goal of mine,” said Moss. “And I think that when you look at a guy like Batista, I think there are a lot of similarities, and I want to humbly point out those similarities because I think he’s one of the best ever, and of course I would take the career he had in a heartbeat. I mean, he’s an absolute legend, everything he’s been able to do. But yeah when you look at those types of guys that have been able to carry the company in that top spot and be in the main event, that is something that I think I can do, and I think the way that you look at how those guys stood out is they did everything well. It wasn’t just one thing, and I think that’s something that I can really focus on is just all of the little things, and all of those little things add up to being the big thing.

Moss also emphasized the importance of the connection to the WWE Universe and noted that being authentic can help a performer connect with the fans, so he’s focused on doing that. He also pointed out that his looming match with Theory, who currently holds the Money in the Bank briefcase, will be a good way to test himself.

“I think the main thing, if I can summarize what’s really important, is the connection with the WWE Universe,” said Moss. “And the way you get that connection is to be authentic. I think no matter what you do, what you’re saying and how you do it, you just have to be authentic. And that’s something that I’ll continue to strive to do. I think it’s something that’s come to me more and more as I’ve gotten more and more comfortable in my role as Madcap. And it’s something I can see in other people as well. You mentioned Austin Theory, he’s obviously always been a great performer and has loads of potential, everyone can see it.

“But I think just in the last few months, I’ve seen him become more authentic and more comfortable, and he’s really starting to fire on all cylinders. And it’s cool to watch. And I actually have a match with him coming up this Friday on SmackDown. I’m looking forward to kind of testing myself against him because he’s, at this point, he’s firing on all cylinders and he’s Mr. Money in the Bank. He’s staring down a chance at cashing in and becoming the undisputed Universal WWE Champion. And to be able to measure myself against him and see where I’m at, that’s something I’m looking forward to doing.”

Moss will face Theory in a singles match on the July 15 episode of WWE SmackDown.

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