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Eddie Kingston Responds To Fan Campaign For Him To Voice Futurama’s Bender

eddie kingston
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Eddie Kingston isn’t much of an actor, but he is a fan of some pretty popular television shows.

TV Insider recently spoke with Eddie Kingston ahead of his Barbed Wire Everywhere Deathmatch on AEW Dynamite. Part of the conversation had a lighter tone compared to what was in store on Dynamite, and Kingston was asked about fans calling for him to be the voice of Bender on the Futurama revival.

At the time, the original voice actor, John DiMaggio, was not brought back for the project and fans pitched Kingston as a potential replacement. DiMaggio has since returned to the project, but Kingston says that voice acting really isn’t his forte anyway.

“I don’t think about acting. I don’t think about voice acting. I don’t think about anything until I’m done in the ring. All I focus on is fighting in that ring. When my career is said and done in the ring, then I’m thinking about other jobs. I wouldn’t be a good actor anyway because I don’t remember lines. It’s like when people try to get me to say things in promos,” Kingston said, “it’s not a promo; it’s my therapy session. Let me talk.”

Kingston said that there are some shows he does like to stay caught up on, sharing that he’s actually a pretty big fan of the FOX series New Girl. 

“I caught back up on Westworld. Being on the road though, you just want to be left alone and not watch anything at home. I am into Marvel. I watch all the Disney+ shows. I’m really into The Boys. Invincible is another good one. I usually like old TV shows too, like All In the Family. I like How I Met Your Mother. One of my all-time favorites is New Girl. I’m a comedian. I like to laugh once in a while.”

“I was into Game of Thrones to the point where I was reading the books, and I don’t like reading,” Kingston added. “It ended so badly that I couldn’t go back and binge-watch it. I’m also looking forward to some of the DC shows coming to HBO Max. I’m a big comic book guy. I’m an undercover nerd. There is a picture at my mother’s house of me hanging out with a cigarette in my mouth, a bandana like Tupac while reading a Punisher comic. That’s me in a nutshell.”

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