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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up: Cora Jade Turns On Roxanne, Chelsea Green Sends Mickie James Home

Cora Jade turns on Roxanne Perez. Bianca Belair set to defend against Becky Lynch At SummerSlam. Chelsea Green sends Mickie James home, and more! Let’s break it down on this week’s edition of Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up!

NXT 2.0: Cora Jade Turns On Roxanne Perez, #1 Contender Battle Royal Set This Week

Last week on NXT 2.0, Cora Jade stunned the world with her actions.

The week prior, Jade defeated Toxic Attraction alongside Roxanne Perez to capture the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. Collectively as Team 2001, Jade and Perez seemed poised to make a lengthy run with the tag team championships. They were even friends in real life too.

After claiming the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships, Roxanne Perez wanted even more gold. In turn, she cashed in her title opportunity she earned from winning the 2022 Women’s Breakout Tournament. So, she was then set to face Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Championship. Before the match could even truly take place last week though, Roxanna was attacked by an unknown assailant in the venue parking lot.

That didn’t stop Roxanne for long though.

During the main event on NXT 2.0, NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose awaited Perez for their title match. Initially, Perez didn’t appear for the match, prompting Cora Jade to offer to take her place. Roxanne Perez soon emerged though with her ribs taped up, eager to fight Mandy Rose.

Although she put up a valiant effort, Roxanne Perez couldn’t have predicted the turn of events that would unfold in this NXT Women’s Championship match. As Mandy Rose launches Roxanne back into the ring, Cora Jade strikes Perez in the back with her NXT Women’s Tag Team Title. This blow allows Rose to take advantage and gain the pinfall to retain her championship.

After the match, Perez is utterly stunned at the action of her own tag team partner and fellow champion. Cora sneers at Perez, declaring “I made you” to her and calls her selfish. Jade then repeatedly blasts Perez with her skateboard to end the show. Team 2001 is no more.

Except, they still are. Although Jade turned her back on Perez, the duo still holds the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. So, what happens now? Will Perez solo defend against their next challengers? The future of the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions is up in the air, but NXT 2.0 will be sure to provide more answers soon enough.

In the meantime, Mandy Rose is set to learn her next challenger tonight on NXT 2.0. A 20-woman battle royal will determine Rose’s next challenger. Notable names competing include Alba Fyre, Nikkita Lyons, Tiffany Stratton, Wendy Choo, and Cora Jade.

Roxanne Perez now has a score to settle with Cora Jade, so will she seize this opportunity to get her revenge? We’ll have to tune in to find out tonight, but it’s a definite possibility.

A full recap of Mandy Rose vs Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women’s Championship can be read below, courtesy of our live play-by-play coverage.

Perez doesn’t come to the ring. Rose grabs a mic and says Perez is woman enough to meet her in the ring tonight. Rose runs NXT and nothing will change. Cora Jade walks down to the ring and says if Perez can’t go, she will take her place. Perez’s music hits and she walks to the ring. Her ribs are taped and she isn’t cleared. She doesn’t care. Jade tells Perez to end Rose.

As soon as the bell rings Perez lands Thez press. Rose attacks Perez’s injured ribs. Perez tries to fire up but Rose drops her on the top rope, ribs first. Rose drives Perez into the ring apron over and over again. After the break, Rose is continuing her assault on Perez’s ribs. Perez surprises Rose with a crossbody but she can’t make the cover. Rose escapes Pop Rox and rolls out of the ring. Perez lands a dive. Perez hits Pop Rox outside the ring. After she tosses Rose back in the ring, Cora Jade hits Perez with the Women’s Tag Title. In the confusion, Rose blasts Perez with a running knee for the win.

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion, Mandy Rose!


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RAW Women’s Championship Match Set For SummerSlam

After defeating Becky Lynch at WrestleMania, Bianca Belair has been on an impressive run with the RAW Women’s Championship. So far, she’s defeated the likes of Asuka, Carmella, and Lynch herself. Now, Belair will meet “Big Time Bex” once again.

Last year at SummerSlam, Lynch returned as a surprise opponent for Bianca Belair. Belair was set to defend her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks, but “The Boss” was unable to compete. Subsequently, Carmella stepped up. Before that match could officially start, however, Becky Lynch returned from hiatus to challenge Bianca Belair.

To much shock, Lynch defeated Belair in a mere twenty-six seconds to become Smackdown Women’s Champion. That loss left Belair and fans stunned. Now, Belair has a chance to reverse her fate against Lynch at SummerSlam.

On July 30th, Belair will defend her RAW Women’s Championship against “Big Time Bex” at SummerSlam. Will Lynch have Belair’s number once again? Or will Belair claim her first SummerSlam victory?

Per WWE,

At SummerSlam, Bianca Belair will battle Becky Lynch in a highly personal showdown for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Since her triumphant victory over Lynch to capture the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 38, her second Women’s Title captured on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Belair has been a dominant force atop the Raw mountain.

All the while, an unpredictable Lynch has become simply unhinged in her quest to regain gold, whether engaging in a chaotic rivalry with Asuka, battling in a Triple Threat Match at WWE Hell in a Cell or fighting tooth and nail in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Big Time Becks continued to get inside the head of the reigning titleholder when she interfered with Belair’s Raw Women’s Title Match against Carmella on the July 11 episode of Raw to give The Most Beautiful Woman in All of WWE a victory by count-out.

After The EST of WWE corrected that loss with a victory over Mella in a title rematch the following week, the path was set for Belair to take on The Man at The Biggest Event of the Summer.

Last year at SummerSlam it was Lynch’s shocking return that derailed Belair’s first title reign. Can The EST get payback in front of her home state crowd in Nashville?

Don’t miss the epic Raw Women’s Title showdown at SummerSlam, streaming LIVE Saturday, July 30, at 8 ET/5 PT on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network everywhere else.

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Chelsea Green Sends Mickie James Home

The bitter rivalry between Mickie James and Chelsea Green came to a climax last week on IMPACT Wrestling.

What started as a story of two friends, transformed into a tail of betrayal. In March, Mickie James challenged Tasha Steelz for the IMPACT Knockouts Championship. James found herself outnumbered, as Steelz came to the ring with Savannah Evans by her side. Accordingly, Chelsea Green bolted to the ring with a chair to even the odds… or so we thought.

Instead, Chelsea Green planted the chair down, sat, and prompted Steelz and Evans to continue their onslaught against Mickie James. Heartbroken, James expressed her shock at this betrayal following her loss to Tasha Steelz. The two would then battle at IMPACT Multiverse of Matches where Mickie would regain some momentum. James would team with real-life husband Nick Aldis to defeat Chelsea Green and her husband, Matt Cardona.

James would return at IMPACT Slammiversary in June as the special guest enforcer in the Queen of the Mountain match. There, shades of bitterness emerged between Green and James once again, a sure signal that this feud was far from over. At Against All Odds, Green partnered with Deonna Purrazzo to take on Mickie James and Mia Yim. Green would even the score in this feud, earning the victory with Purrazzo.

In perhaps their final chapter, Chelsea and Mickie finally clashed one-on-one last week on IMPACT Wrestling. An all-out brawl ensued with ring post and big screen collisions, and even a kiss. With an homage to James’ storied rivalry with Trish Stratus, Green delivered a kiss to James, which James would then return right after. In the end though, Chelsea Green utilized rope leverage to gain the rollup pinfall on James.

A full recap of the match, courtesy of IMPACT Wrestling, can be read below.

Deonna Purrazzo and Mia Yim are banned from ringside as Chelsea Green and Mickie James look to settle the score one-on-one! Green locks lips with James in an attempt to play mind games but it doesn’t phase her one bit. The match turns into an all-out brawl as James whips her into the steel ring post, then launches herself off the apron with a seated senton. Green comes back with a running dropkick to turn the tide. James sends her for a ride with a head scissors but Green quickly regains control.

Green plants her face-first into the corner turnbuckle. They fight up the ramp the top of the stage where James drives her into the big screen. Back in the ring, James connects with the Mick Kick but Green grabs the bottom rope to break the pin. Green connects with the foot stomp but the referee catches her with a hold of Mickie’s tights. Green counters the Mick-DT into a rollup and this time, she uses the ropes for leverage to score the three count!

Later in the show, Mickie James expressed her disappointment with the results. “You’re only as good as your last match,” she said, before walking out of the building. Then, James simply declared “I’m going home”.


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