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The Bella Twins Recall When They First Felt Like They ‘Made It’

The Bella Twins are certified legends in WWE.

From their early days of Twin Magic, to their respective Divas Championship reigns, to their reality television breakout on Total Divas, The Bella Twins have ‘made it’.  This Sunday, A&E will showcase their rise in the industry and beyond on “Biography: WWE Legends” at 8pm est. Ahead of the premiere, Nikki and Brie Bella spoke with Extra about first time they felt they really broke through with WWE.

“It was when ‘Total Divas’ debuted,” Nikki proclaimed, “Our first season was insane and I remember we were getting compared to, like… the ratings of the Kardashians because we were all on the E! network… and that’s when I had a thing with Brie, like, ‘Holy cow, we just made female wrestling mainstream. We just made it pop culture,’ and that was my first ‘we made it!’ feeling.”

In addition, Brie Bella recalled a fan encounter that really struck her.

“We were doing a show at the O2 in London and wanted to do some sightseeing… We’re on London Bridge and these groups of people come up and go, ‘Are you guys the Bella Twins?’… We were like, ‘Oh, my gosh!” Brie continued, “We got recognized in London. We made it.’”

Now, the dynamic duo primarily reigns as mothers, entrepreneurs, and reality television stars.  The Bella Twins last appeared in a WWE ring at the 2022 Royal Rumble. However, one can never truly rule out an in-ring return for Nikki and Brie.

“We’re more on the retired side, but we still live it,” Nikki Bella admitted. “We’ll still watch ‘Monday Night Raw’ and I’ll be like, ‘Okay, so, like, Becky Lynch did this, Brie, and I think we should go back and do this at WrestleMania.’ I do this all the time,” Nikki continued. “It never ends. Like, when you’re in, you’re in —you never leave.”

Similarly, Brie Bella revealed that The Bella Twins are still in contact with some of the WWE roster, pitching some creative ideas to them. “We will still pitch stuff for the girls to do… The one thing I will say, I feel so blessed in life being a professional wrestler. It’s literally adult playtime, like, there’s so many times — like, especially live events is when wrestlers have the most fun.”

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