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Aron Stevens: The Miz Is One Of The Most Selfless Performers I’ve Worked With

Aron Stevens appreciates his time working with an A-Lister like The Miz.

Speaking with Straight Talk Wrestling, Aron Stevens looked back on his run with The Miz as “Mizdow” in WWE. The former WWE Tag Team Champion was asked if they saw it blowing up like it did and he said that the gimmick never would have worked if it wasn’t for Miz being a great partner.

“No, it was more like I was just consistently put with someone on TV, and then when I was doing my thing, Miz was smart enough and enough of a businessman where he went, ‘Okay, let’s do this.’ Now Miz is also a friend of mine, and Miz is one of the most selfless performers I think that I’ve ever worked with because had he not played ball, that whole character wouldn’t have worked. It was very much a timing issue with us, and we would just do it as time goes on. We would adjust every night, we’d do what we had to do, and that was it. So that was just kind of a really, really great memory I have. Although we enjoy each other’s company, we never had to talk about a lot. Our stuff was always out there.”

Stevens also spoke about the lessons he learned from WWE and used it to critique Elias’ current angle with Ezekiel.

“I’m sure whatever they give him, he’ll take what it is and make the most out of it. That’s what you have to keep doing. That’s kind of the survival up there. In the real world, what I figured out is, yeah that instinct applied to another field, if you do that right, you can really get somewhere. That’s kind of been the big lesson I got from WWE, which is when you don’t get what you want ever, and when things are just taken and everything, how can you take that and make it work somehow? I think right now in acting, I’ve been able to kind of do that. It’s paying my bills, putting food on the table, and I’m having some fun, which is really, really cool. In that business, some people never get to do that. So I’ve been really, really fortunate to have learned the lessons I had from WWE, kind of be healthy enough to transition into something else and not have any major bumps and bruises, or wrinkles for that matter, just saying.”

Stevens recently had his final match at NWA Alwayz Ready against Trevor Murdoch, who went on to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of the show.

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