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Mercedes Martinez: Ring Of Honor Has A Legacy, It Has To Stay Its Own Brand

Mercedes Martinez wants to see Ring Of Honor stand out on its own.

Speaking with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, Mercedes Martinez was asked about the potential for Ring Of Honor being a platform or training facility of sorts for people who could later be on AEW. Martinez, the current ROH Women’s Champion, said that there’s plenty of potential as far as ROH is concerned but she hopes that it remains its own brand.

“Of course. I think it definitely can be. I mean there’s so much potential there for what Ring of Honor can bring to the table. I mean, before Tony bought it, Ring of Honor was its own entity, it had its own brand, it had its own fans. But now you’re bringing it together with AEW, and now you can mix up anything and everything and make different matches and bring in different talent and give them the opportunity to show what they can do. Not to say that Ring of Honor is small, but it’s a way to give yourself the chance to showcase what you can do without feeling so much pressure of a Dynamite or a Rampage. So this is a way to elevate yourself and say hey, you know what, this is where I’m gonna learn, this is where I’m gonna cultivate myself, and I can do this.

“At the same time, you kinda want Ring of Honor to stay its own separate entity because Ring of Honor has its own legacy. You don’t want it to become another AEW. You want it to stay separate. But mix in that talent, mix in the opportunities because everyone deserves something, everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow. It can be that catalyst, just like NXT was for the RAWs and the SmackDowns, but NXT became its own brand. That’s what Ring of Honor has to be, it has to be its own brand. You have to keep it separate. Just mix the talent because you can get banger matches if you mix the talent that you won’t see anywhere else. That’s what I looking forward to.”

Mercedes Martinez will defend her ROH Women’s Championship against Serena Deeb at Death Before Dishonor on July 23.

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