AEW Dynamite Colt Cabana
Photo: All Elite Wrestling

Tony Khan On Colt Cabana: He’s ‘Definitely Somebody That’s Gonna Be Involved In Ring Of Honor’

Tony Khan says Colt Cabana will be involved with Ring of Honor.

Cabana worked with ROH in its early years and later returned to the promotion in 2016. He then signed with All Elite Wrestling in 2020, after making multiple appearances for the promotion. At first, Cabana often competed on AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation. He also joined the Dark Order stable, which had been a fairly prominent act on AEW programming. However, Cabana hasn’t wrestled for AEW since the March 4 taping of Dark: Elevation.

In May, reported that Cabana had signed a new contract, and he was being earmarked for the ROH relaunch. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful later reported that AEW talent heard that the company wasn’t planning on renewing his deal, seemingly due to his falling out with CM Punk, but talent went to bat for him, so AEW wound up re-signing him, likely as a member of the ROH roster.

During a media call ahead of ROH Death Before Dishonor, Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc. asked ROH owner and AEW president Tony Khan about Cabana’s status. Khan made it clear that Cabana is part of the plans for ROH. But he refused to comment on the situation between Cabana and Punk.

“I would say that Colt is part of what we’re doing in Ring of Honor. Obviously he was involved in Supercard of Honor and has been a great wrestler in the past of Ring of Honor. I plan to have him involved in the show this weekend and haven’t announced everything for the card yet. We’ve only put in championship matches so far, and then one match for the Zero Hour.

“Colt was a big part of the Supercard of Honor in the Zero Hour and absolutely will be involved in Death Before Dishonor. I wouldn’t comment on the other stuff. I do think he’ll be great for that event, going forward for Ring of Honor and just in general, always happy to have him around.”

Khan went on to note that having ROH legends like Cabana involved with the new era is helping the company garner more interest before he emphasized that Cabana specifically will be part of it moving forward.

“I think a lot of legends of Ring of Honor being involved in Supercard of Honor and now again at Death Before Dishonor, people coming back who hadn’t been around in years in Ring of Honor, some people in many years, in the cases of Samoa Joe or Claudio, but other people who it’s just been a few years they’ve been away, like Colt Cabana, I think all that has led to an increased interest in Ring of Honor, all these people coming in,” said Khan. “Colt Cabana is definitely somebody that’s gonna be involved in Ring of Honor.”

ROH Death Before Dishonor is on July 23. The updated card is available here.

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