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Jake Atlas Issues Statement On Recent Domestic Violence Case

Jake Atlas comments on the incident that saw him charged with domestic violence.

Jake Atlas issued a written statement on Friday, responding to the allegations made about him in the wake of being charged with domestic violence earlier this year. Atlas (Kenny Sanchez) was charged with domestic violence after an incident with his boyfriend in May but ultimately had the charges dropped in June.


I want to thank those of you who will take the time to read this statement.

I’m issuing a formal apology for my wrongdoing and any hurt, disappointment and complication I may have caused to my colleagues and fans.

As incredibly difficult it is for me to publicly disclose very personal and private information, it is imperative that I admit to my alcohol abuse and provide transparency about my deteriorating mental health. I have accepted that my anxiety and depression led me to detrimentally self-medicate for the last 7 years. In addition, a lot of unresolved trauma resurfaced for me recently that was fundamental to the development of some extremely negative core belies and I was inadequately able to manage.

An incident occurred a couple of months ago that I am 100% not proud of; I take complete responsibility and accountability for the situaion and my actions. I recognize that the state of being intoxicated does not excuse my behavior. I made a terrible mistake. I hurt people I love and it’s something I deeply regret.

The only clarity I was to provide specfically about what circulated online is this: the reltionship is not abusive in any way, shape, or form and this event is certainly not a reflection of my character. One can read a report and choose to take the informtion for what it is, but to speculate, draw conclusions, and create a narrative that has no merit only adds further damage to those involved. This was a situation that was already being, and continues to be dealt with privately, so it is with great humility that I ask the respect of that privacy going forward.

I would like to share that I have successfully completed an intensive outpatient program at LiveWell Behavior health in Florida. I self admitted with a dual diagnosis in susbtance abuse and meantal health. The treatment consisted of 10 hours of group and individualized therapy every week for 5 weeks. The next step in the program is to attend 1 group session a week for 3 weeks and continue individuali outpatient therapy thereafter. My time there has been nothing short of extraordinary and life changing — a phenomenal first step in my recovery.

I am human and that makes me flawed. I believe in second chances, I believe in redemption, and in turn, I believe in personal growth. I express my gratitude to those who have reached out to me. I have made exceptional progress and I am excited for my future. I have full faith for a positive outcome from this journey as I continue my sobriety and the process of healing with the support of my friends, my family, and my partner.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi


Atlas was initially arrested on May 23 for domestic violence against his partner. Police said Atlas was drinking with his partner and friends at a bar before moving “to a female friend’s house to engage in sexual activities.” The couple got into a verbal argument at the house due to Atlas’s partner showing “more attention to the female half” and Atlas allegedly scratched him and tore his shirt. Atlas was released from jail the same day as the arrest and was due to appear in court on June 28.

TMZ Sports later reported that Atlas had his domestic violence case dropped because officials declined to prosecute. Jake Atlas has not wrestled since January due to recovering from an ACL injury. Atlas last wrestled on the January 7 episode of AEW Rampage and had surgery to repair the injury in February.

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