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Zelina Vega Is Willing To Train Twitch Streamer Valkyrae To Be A WWE Superstar

Zelina Vega would love the chance to train popular YouTube streamer Valkyrae to become a WWE Superstar.

WWE RAW Superstars Zelina Vega and Cody Rhodes were interviewed by Comicbook.com at ComicCon and spoke about a variety of subjects. When Vega was asked about the possibility of training YouTube and Twitch streamer Valkyrae to be a WWE Superstar, The Queen was very excited about that opportunity to do something like that.

“I think it’s exciting, especially because what she doesn’t know is that I love her,” Zelina Vega said. ” I watch her streams. I especially like the Among Us streams. I’ve always really loved her, and anytime I played with Hafu or DK or like any of those guys in the morning lobbies, I was kind of hoping is Toast coming? Is Valkyrae coming? Because I just — I love them, their personality, especially because she seems like such a sweet person. You can kind of tell we can kind of see; you can’t work a worker.”

When Cody Rhodes asked Zelina Vega to rate Valkyrae on a scale of one to ten, Vega gave her an eleven.

“Eleven. I love her; she’s gonna love it. No, but I would definitely show her the ropes. If she really wanted to do it. I would absolutely do it, and maybe I’d have a tag partner that I don’t know doesn’t abandon me at WrestleMania. That would be nice. So yeah, I definitely do think she could do it, and she’s not that much taller than me. So I feel like we have to bring some more of that in there.”

Valkyrae is a popular video game streamer on YouTube and Twitch and has over 5 million subscribers between the two platforms. She is also the co-owner of e-sport team 100 Thieves.

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