sami callihan
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Sami Callihan Wants A Taipei Death Match Against Steve Maclin

Sami Callihan pitches an interest match concept to perhaps settle things with Steve Maclin.

During a livestream on the IMPACT Wrestling YouTube channel featuring Sami Callihan, IMPACT ran a poll asking fans what match they want to see Sami and Steve Maclin face off in. The choices were between an Ironman, Monster’s Ball, no disqualification match or a write-in choice, but Sami pitched a stipulation of his own.

“The Ironman, Monster’s Ball, no DQ or other… to be honest, I want to have a Taipei Death Match with Steve Maclin. I don’t think that’s ever happened on a huge national scale and I want to cut him up. I think it’s time to see Maclin bleed. He wants to act like he’s all tough? I’m the type of guy — I bleed for a living. I’ve bled before,” Callihan stated. “I’m not afraid to bleed again. Has Maclin ever tasted his own blood? Because I have.”

For those unaware, a Taipei Deathmatch is a variation on a hardcore match where the competitors’ hands are taped up and covered in glue and crushed glass, allowing their fists (and the shards of glass) to be used legally in the match.

Callihan answered another fan question and said that he missed the yearly Lockdown event, noting some of his favorite matches in the event’s history.

“I miss Lockdown. As a fan growing up, Lockdown was one of the best pay-per-views every year. The Lethal Lockdown match — if you go back in history, not just one of my favorite matches in steel cage history, but in wrestling history — AJ Styles versus Abyss. I’m pretty sure it was the first Lockdown match, but that cage match, by far, is one of the best cage matches of all time. America’s Most Wanted against Triple X, Elix Skipper doing the tight rope walk across the cage [is another one],” Callihan said. “Look them up, you will not be disappointed.”

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