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ROH Death Before Dishonor Results: Wheeler Yuta vs. Daniel Garcia

Wheeler Yuta retained his hold on the ROH Pure Championship on Saturday, taking down Daniel Garcia in a huge win.

Yuta walked away with a big win after surviving a hook from Garcia late in the match, countering an attempted head stomp before rolling under Garcia and pinning him quickly for the win.

For a brief recap on how the match ended, check out below courtesy of our live, play-by-play coverage:

Garcia scores a near fall before they clothesline each other, then they get up at the same time and slap the hell out of each other. Yuta drops back before applying a facelock, then Garcia counters and applies a Sharpshooter. Yuta reaches up and counters into an STF, then Garcia counters into a Regal Stretch as the crowd pops. Yuta fights out and puts Garcia in a Liontamer (Boston Crab), but Garcia uses one of his three alloted rope breaks to escape. Garcia hooks Yuta’s arms and tries to stomp his head, but Yuta rolls through and scores the rollup for the win.

Yuta asks for a handshake after the match, but Garcia flips him off and holds up both middle fingers as he walks up the ramp.

Winner – Wheeler Yuta

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