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ROH Death Before Dishonor Result: Mercedes Martinez vs. Serena Deeb

Mercedes Martinez‘s hold on the ROH Women’s World Championship continues to strengthen, as the superstar took down Serena Deeb at ROH Death Before Dishonor to retain her title.

In a hard-fought match between Martinez and her opponent, it was Deeb who nearly won a handful of times, but could never put away her opponent. In the end, Martinez ended up kicking Deeb into the corner, before pulling her out and locking in the Brass City Sleeper for the submission win.

For a brief recap on how the match ended, check out below courtesy of our live, play-by-play coverage:

Mercedes breaks a submission attempt and charges the corner, but Serena sidesteps her and heads up top. Mercedes sets up in the same corner and this time connects with a super German suplex, then she pulls herself back up and clubs Serena in the chest. Mercedes hits the ropes and tries to hit a forearm smash, but Serena falls down on the mat so Mercedes puts her in a surfboard stretch. Serena bites Mercedes’ arm to break away, then they slug each other a couple of times before Serena connects with a swinging neckbreaker.

Serena applies the Serenity Lock and Mercedes rolls through to break, and Serena smashes Mercedes’ left knee on the mat and twists around on her ankle. Mercedes ends up kicking Serena into the corner, then she finally ends it by making Serena tap to the Brass City Sleeper.

Winner – Mercedes Martinez

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