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Tony Khan Doesn’t Know If The Briscoes Will Appear On AEW TV, Says They’ll Be A ‘Big Part’ Of ROH

No matter, The Briscoes will be a major part of the Ring of Honor roster moving forward.

The 12-time ROH World Tag Team Champions have competed at the two pay-per-views since Tony Khan acquired the promotion. Fans have hoped to see Mark and Jay Briscoe appear on AEW programming at some point, but WarnerMedia reportedly doesn’t want them to appear on its platform. Still, Khan has utilized the brothers in ROH. On July 23, they faced FTR in the main event of ROH Death Before Dishonor.

During the media scrum after the show, when asked if the duo will compete at AEW television at some point, Khan stated that he’s unsure, but he knows they’ll be a big part of ROH.

“I’m not sure,” said Khan. “I can definitely say they’ll be a big part of Ring of Honor going forward, and Ring of Honor’s got a great future. They’re signed to Ring of Honor, and I expect them to be a huge part of the shows we keep doing here going forward. They’ve been in two of the best matches all year period on the first two Ring of Honor shows that I’ve been able to work with them. I’m really excited about working with them in Ring of Honor going forward.

“I’m not sure what the future holds in other companies for them, including AEW, but I know that they’re a big part of Ring of Honor, and certainly if the match had gone the other way tonight, they’d great champions. They’re signed to Ring of Honor, contractually, and I think that they’re great representatives of the company, and I’ve really enjoyed working with them this year in the short time we’ve been together.”

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