Kevin Hart
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Kevin Hart: Peanut Butter Or The Poke Of Doom Would Be My Thing In WWE

Kevin Hart knows how he could be innovative if he pursued greatness as a WWE Superstar. Two words — peanut butter.

During an appearance on LADBible’s “Agree To Disagree”, Hart and his DC League of Super-Pets co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson answered a series of questions. One of them wondered whetehr Hart would be “incredible” in WWE, and he stated that he already has a plan.

“Yes, yes. I already know what I would do,” said Hart. “First of all, my man, my guy that I would create, nobody’s ever really incorporated food into wrestling, and my whole thing would be peanut butter. Like yeah, ‘Hey, you want things to get a little nutty butter? That would be my tagline. ‘Oh god, here comes Kevin Hart, and he’s pissed. He’s going in his shorts.’ Nutty butter all over their face!”

When asked about his finishing move, Hart noted that he hadn’t thought that through because he thought the “nutty butter” would take his opponents out. “The Great One’ responded by noting that wrestlers would lick the peanut butter.

“There’s a bunch of f—— wrestlers, so they’ll like the peanut butter,” said The Rock. “They would lick it.”

To that, Hart noted that, if the peanut butter failed him, he had a backup plan in place.

“That’s when I would give ‘em the handy,” said Hart. “I would [shakes hand], ‘Woah.’ I would come across.”

When The Rock asked if that would be a “lay the SmackDown” kind of thing, Hart stated that he could also utilize the Poke of Death. “The Brahma Bull” pointed out that the poke wouldn’t do anything, but Hart countered by emphasizing his well-traveled fingers.

“yeah it does, my fingers have been all over the world,” said Hart. “Oh… [pokes the air] or I’ll stomp.”

The Rock then laid out a hypothetical situation where Hart would take on former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, and the latter stated that he could get the poke too.

“I want some of that,” said Hart. “Sounds like lunch in a bowl. Hey Brock, aka my bitch, it’s time for you to get a little thing called the poke. [pokes the air] Come on, man. Let me tell you something, why I want Brock. He’s got nothing on me. He’s a vegetable, a piece of broccoli. I’ll snap in half and throw the piece I don’t want away.”

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