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Baron Black Reacts To First AEW Win: It Was Very Euphoric

Baron Black finally ended his losing streak in AEW and he’s feeling pretty good about it.

Monday’s episode of AEW Dark Elevation saw Baron Black finally get a tick in his win column. Black competed against Brandon Cutler, who poked fun at Black’s 0-50 record in All Elite Wrestling. However, Baron received the last laugh by rolling up Cutler for the victory. In speaking with WrestleZone’s own Bill Pritchard, Black expressed his thoughts on gaining his first win in AEW.

“It was very euphoric,” Black admitted. “In my hometown, Atlanta, Georgia, my first win. Even though it was not something I anticipated going through nor wanted to go through, having that first win in front of my people and my city, and all those people there in Atlanta and hearing their reaction and seeing the reaction, it only felt right. So, it was definitely euphoric. It was definitely crazy. It was definitely a time for celebration.”

While it’s been joked about on social media by fans and some peers, Baron Black further explained that his losing streak wasn’t planned or pitched, but it more so happened organically in correlation to his long tenure in the company.

“This is the most organic thing, maybe one of the most organic things maybe that happen in wrestling,” Black noted. “All I know is that there was never any discussion about it or anything. It was just that I debuted at the Atlanta tapings during a pandemic when they had to close down and move everything to Atlanta. When I debuted against Shawn Spears on [AEW] Dynamite, and from that point on, I knew management liked me and they wanted to use me going forward from that day.

“I just happened to be the guy that they used a lot,” he continued. “It just happened to be ended up being this 0 and 50 losing streak. It was not something that I anticipated happening or if any wrestler wants to happen, but it just happened that way. So it really was not something that was planned. It just happened to turn out to be that way.”

“Once everything moved to Jacksonville and it was only a certain amount of people they [were] able to get in contact with during that time because COVID was really shutting down everything,” he explained. “So it was just really all the guys that really helped out at the Atlanta tapings in the suburbs in Norcross of Atlanta ended up coming to Jacksonville to Daily’s Place to help film. So I was one of many, like Preston Vance, Lee Johnson, Captain Shawn Dean, Alan Angels, Anna Jay. It was just a huge list of people who now are synonymous with a brand and on everything. So I just ended up being part of that group and being used consistently and then after a while, that [record] started adding up.”

Black later said that he hopes his win over Brandon Cutler marks the start of a new streak in AEW.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Baron Black, who will be in action against Lil Scrappy at his Battle Slam: The Takeover event in Atlanta.

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