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Lady Frost Calls Ultimate X Spot A Career Highlight, Can’t Discuss Request For IMPACT Release

Lady Frost reflects on her IMPACT Wrestling career.

During an interview with All Angles Wrestling, Lady Frost spoke about how Mickie James was a big driving force for her during her IMPACT Wrestling tenure. Frost debuted on IMPACT Wrestling TV on July 8, 2021, but ended up asking for her release earlier this year.

Lady Frost said that the request for her release was something she could “probably not talk about” but did take time to praise James for being a positive influence on her career.

“She was amazing, yes. She was incredible. The work at NWA, that’s when I first met her. I’m just like holy cow, she’s everything, and it was really important to watch her lead and kind of not dig her heels in anywhere because she is everything, if that makes sense. Like it’s not the place, it’s her, and she then makes the place better.”

Lady Frost noted that she didn’t get to work with James in the ring in that span but hopes they get a chance to square off somewhere else down the line.

One of the matches Lady Frost did get to compete in with IMPACT Wrestling was the first-ever Women’s Ultimate X match at Hard To Kill in January. She says that while it was a goal of hers to compete in a match like that, actually getting to compete in it still came as a pretty big surprise.

“No, that was very much a goal of mine. That’s one of the reasons that I discovered IMPACT and loved them so much. I wanted that style of match very, very much. So I didn’t know they were going to do the all-women’s match. When I was speaking to Gail, I said this is like my bucket list, the one thing I want to do. I want to be the first woman in an Ultimate X match, and she said well, we’re gonna get together an all-women’s match, so thankfully I got to be a part of that. But yeah that was definitely on the bucket list.

“Clearly I love acrobatics and swinging from things and hanging, that’s always been in my playtime, like going to trampoline parks and they have the obstacle courses and stuff like that. So I was very much looking forward to it. I knew, I had in my head, that I was gonna moonsault off of somewhere high, and I got to accomplish that. So that was honestly right now I think the biggest thing for me that I feel like I’m proud of,” Lady Frost said. “Honestly yeah, that moment for me, I think career right now. That’s one thing that I wanted to do, and I did it.”

Frost took some time away from the ring in April to deal with an injury and asked for her release from Impact Wrestling on June 23. It’s unknown if IMPACT has granted her release but she has since returned to the ring, competing in various independent matches in July.

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