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Lady Frost Has A TLC Match On Her Bucket List

Lady Frost has no fear of the TLC match and hopes that she’ll be able to compete in one in the future.

Former IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Lady Frost was a guest on All Angles Wrestling to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the influence that WWE Hall of Famer Lita has had on her career, Frost revealed that she actually got to work a match that Lita refereed in the past and is hoping she can work a TLC match in the future.

“So I actually got to work in a match with Lita; she was just the ref,” Lady Frost said. “Yeah, she was super cool, though. Yeah. I think a TLC match is definitely on the bucket list. Like, I’ve had a Falls Count Anywhere, and there was a match at Hurricane Pro where there were Legos and horses and printers and all sorts of weapons, but I think a traditional TLC match is something that’s on the bucket list for sure. I think some women are timid, climbing up at that height. For me, I have no fear out there. I’d just be, I’d be gone.”

When asked about drawing inspiration for her in-ring style from people like Ricochet and Will Ospreay, Frost admits she didn’t get a whole lot of guidance in the beginning when she was trying to figure things out.

“I didn’t get a whole lot of guidance, actually,” Lady Frost said. “If you know Lee Moriarty, we trained together in Pittsburgh. He was the one that told me about Ricochet, originally, like five years ago. And that was like right before he got signed, I believe. And I just like backed into all of those other wrestlers, and PAC is a big one when I was working heel to be very, very aggressive, be a strong heel but still have a flying offense. Finn Balor people that are very, very smooth and fluid, but still very intense. I think that’s what I looked for.

“And it wasn’t that it wasn’t there in women per se, but I think the best of the best was just in men’s wrestling with Will Ospreay, who is still here, and it’s a full circle like he commented on the moonsault from the Ultimate X match. And I was like holy cow, it’s one of those like, this person just was like, Hey, that was really cool or whatever it was. That was a big deal because you look at people not that you want to be like, but you have to mold yourself somehow.

“And it wasn’t ever one person for me. It wasn’t like this promo work or this footwork, but you have to take the big picture of what style I really like. I’m not going to grapple for 10 minutes, right? No one wants to see that for me. Can I? Yes, but why would I? If I think that I have a little bit of a leg up in something that I feel more comfortable in that I do well. I’m not going to grapple, and chain wrestle for 10 minutes out of my match. Like that’s not what people are paying to see Lady Frost for.”

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