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Report: WWE NXT Expected To ‘Somewhat’ Return To Triple H’s Previous Vision

WWE NXT might be changing now that Triple H is in charge of creative.

On July 25, WWE announced that “The Game” is now leading WWE creative after Vince McMahon retired on July 22. Previously, Triple H had been the head of NXT since 2010, but health issues forced him to step away from the role in September 2021. The NXT 2.0 rebrand has been filled with substantial changes, but the show could be somewhat shifting back to what it once was.

In the newest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that, within NXT, there’s a feeling that “the product will revert back somewhat to Levesque’s previous vision.” Per Meltzer, NXT will keep recruiting elite athletes, as Triple H has been heavily involved with this process, but it will be “more open to using more experienced wrestling talent as well.” This mindset would potentially open the door for wrestlers who may not have fit the mold with McMahon’s preferred size or looks. (H/t Joseph Currier of the Wrestling Observer)