Roman Reigns WWE SummerSlam
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Roman Reigns Beats Brock Lesnar Despite Tractor, Theory, And More Chaos At WWE SummerSlam

At WWE SummerSlam, Roman Reigns battled Brock Lesnar one last time.

The two powerhouses have clashed many times over the years, dating back to WWE WrestleMania 31 in 2015. Most recently, “The Tribal Chief” defeated Lesnar at WrestleMania 38 to unify the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship. “The Beast Incarnate” later returned to WWE on the June 17 episode of SmackDown and attacked Reigns to set up the rematch, which has been billed as their final encounter.

Here’s how the match broke down, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Lesnar caught Reigns off-guard by putting on a cowboy hat and riding a tractor to the ring.

Standing on the tractor, he grabs a microphone and introduces himself as a “country boy” who’s going to beat Reigns.

Lesnar dives off the tractor and takes the fight to Reigns. Outside of the ring, he suplexes the champion and slams him into the steel steps. “The Beast Incarnate” sends Reigns flying with another suplex and slams him into the barricade. Lesnar suplexes Reigns again. The champion slams Lesnar into a lighting structure. The challenger sends him spine-first into the steel. Lesnar takes Reigns to Suplex City with a German suplex on the floor. He sets up a table, and Heyman distracts him, allowing Reigns to fire up and slam “The Beast” through a table. Reigns blasts Lesnar with the steel steps and slams him through a table. Reigns nails Lesnar with a two Superman Punches. Reigns floors Lesnar with a Spear. “The Beast Incarnate” sends Reigns crashing to the floor.

He slams him onto the remnants of a table. Lesnar gets back in the tractor, puts Reigns in the loader and dumps him into the ring. Lesnar drops Reigns with a few German suplexes. “The Beast Incarnate” hits the F5, but Reigns beats the count. Reigns counters another F5 and locks in the guillotine. Lesnar escapes and locks in a guillotine of his own. He chokes the champion out and releases the hold. Reigns barely gets back to his feet again. Lesnar gets back in the tractor and moves the ring, while Reigns is still in it, with the tractor. He lifts the ring, sending Reigns tumbling to the floor.

The Usos attack Lesnar, but he takes them out. Heyman gives Lesnar the titles and tells him to leave Reigns alone. Lesnar slams Heyman through the broadcast table with an F5. Reigns drops him with a Spear.

Theory runs to the ring, prepared to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, but Lesnar levels him. The Usos attack Lesnar again, and Reigns floors him with a Spear. Lesnar gets back to his feet, and Reigns repeatedly hits him with the Money in the Bank case. He still won’t stay down, and Reigns blasts him with a title. Lesnar gets up again, and Reigns hits him with the other title. Reigns and the Usos bury Lesnar under the pieces of the broadcast table, so he can’t answer the count.

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