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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard / WrestleZone

Bryan Danielson Recalls Vince McMahon’s Reaction To Him Being Vegan

Bryan Danielson, formerly known as Daniel Bryan, somewhat changed Vince McMahon‘s mind about veganism.

During a media scrum at Starrcast V, Danielson was asked about how Vince McMahon reacted to him being a vegan. The former WWE star described how the former WWE Chairman was seemingly turned off by it at first. However, over the course of the next several years, Danielson helped McMahon see the health benefits of the lifestyle.

“I remember Chris [Jericho] telling me when I first had that NXT match with Chris that he came to the back said, ‘You got something with this kid,'” said Danielson. “He’s like, ‘Ugh, he doesn’t even eat meat.’ But then the conversations I’ve had with him in the last several years, he’s said there’s something to that for health and for longevity and for that sort of thing. I don’t think he’s a believer that you should eat entirely vegan, but I think he believes now that there are a lot of health benefits to doing it, especially if you’re doing it purposefully.”

In another highlight of the scrum, Danielson explained why he doesn’t want to have another catchphrase. His comments are available here.

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