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Saraya (Paige) Thinks Sasha Banks Will Return To WWE, Wants To Face Her In A Match

Saraya, formerly known as Paige, thinks that Sasha Banks will return to WWE.

Speaking to the media at Starrcast V, Saraya was asked whether she thinks Banks will wrestle again. The former WWE Divas Champon highlighted Banks’ importance to the Women’s Revolution, and she shared her belief that “The Boss” and Naomi will come back now that Triple H is in charge.

“She’s a big part of it,” said Saraya. “I mean everyone loves Sasha Banks, right? The Four Horsewomen in general are such a critical part of the Women’s Revolution. So I think she’ll be back. I think now with Hunter in charge and kind of taking the reigns, just SummerSlam in general, it showed how much WWE has changed overnight. I don’t think anyone’s really been 100% happy with a pay-per-view in a long time, but people were walking away from SummerSlam being like holy s—, this is a turning point. So I feel like eventually Sasha and Naomi, hopefully, in my opinion will be coming back.”

In the same scrum, she made it clear that she wants to wrestle again, and she named Banks and Britt Baker as two of the people she’d like to face.

“There’s a few people that I would like to be in the ring with,” Saraya said. “If I was to ever come back, I would love to face Sasha just because I feel like we have a built-in storyline, and she’s just a fantastic wrestler. I would love to face Britt Baker, I think she’s incredible. But yeah I have to be careful and I still have that my mind block right now, but eventually, for the right time and the right person, I’ll definitely have a match again, for sure.”

The former WWE star was also asked about her health and her quest to potentially return to the ring. She noted that she has been trying to strengthen her neck muscles in order to feel it out.

“I’m a psychopath with health now, especially like my boyfriend is also asked a psychopath with health too, so he just makes it easier to stay on a healthy path,” said Saraya. “But yeah I just learned how to really take care of my body and my mind and stuff like that. When it comes to my neck, I put this weight thing on my head, it’s really stupid but it’s to built up your neck muscles and stuff like that. So I’m trying to build it up just to see how it is.”

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