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Sami Callihan: Fans Using The Excuse They ‘Can’t Watch IMPACT Wrestling’ Is Absolute Bullcrap

Sami Callihan doesn’t want to hear your excuses about how you can’t watch IMPACT Wrestling every week.

IMPACT Wrestling’s Sami Callihan recently sat down with the Daily Star to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his broken leg injury that saw him miss several months of in-ring action, Callihan said he doesn’t think people understand just how bad the break was.

“When I broke my leg, I don’t think people really realize how bad of a break it was. This is something that a lot of athletes may have been out to two and a half years,” Sami Callihan said. “It’s one of those things. I’m coming back each time I get in the ring. I’m going to get better and better and more comfortable. One of the hardest things is mentally preparing yourself and coming back from something like that. That’s a huge trauma and just getting your confidence back and getting the confidence back in your abilities and what you can do.”

With his return to the ring, Callihan is anxious to get back into the thick of things at IMPACT Wrestling calling it one of the best rosters in the industry right now.

“What can I do next? What can I do bigger? What can I do better?” Sami Callihan asked. “I look at Impact Wrestling; I think we have unquestionably one of the best rosters in all of professional wrestling. Right now, we’re the island of misfit toys. When the chips are down, we always come through. We have some of the best PPVs and wrestling on a weekly basis.”

A lot of wrestling fans complain that they can’t watch IMPACT Wrestling because they don’t have AXS TV, but Callihan doesn’t want to hear that excuse, as you can watch the weekly show on YouTube for less than a dollar a month.

“For anyone to ever use the excuse ‘Oh, I don’t get the channel, I can’t watch Impact Wrestling’ is absolute bullcrap. If you have internet, you have IMPACT,” Sami Callihan said.

If you want to appease Callihan and check out what IMPACT has been up to, subscribe to the IMPACT Insiders YouTube program starting at just 99 cents per month.

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What do you make of Sami Callihan’s comments? Are you happy to see Callihan back in the fold at IMPACT Wrestling? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.