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Ciampa Sees Himself As A Role Player, Is Trying To Maximize His Minutes On WWE RAW

Ciampa is trying to be the best at whatever is asked of him.

In an interview with Jon Alba of Ad Free Shows, Ciampa spoke about his current role in WWE and getting to be part of SummerSlam alongside The Miz.

“It’s a new chapter, but it’s a chapter for sure. I’m digging it so far. I kinda like when you take them for a ride, and it’s hard to do that sometimes when you come in with a big splash and you’re already up here. The way I’ve always done it is to kind of just chip away, and that’s what we’re doing again. Lucky enough, it got me at least as part of SummerSlam. Part of SummerSlam this year, and then next year, you’re on SummerSlam, you have a match, and then next year, you main event SummerSlam. You’re always looking ahead a little bit, but I’m gonna enjoy this one, especially the fact that I don’t have a match. I really get to take it all in. There’s not much anxiety. I brought my wife and kid out here. It’s been awesome.”

Ciampa also spoke about his role on RAW being similar to a ‘role player’ in a team sport, noting that he’ll do whatever he can to get noticed during the TV time he’s given. Ciampa noted that he can’t control where he’s at on the show, but he’ll keep working towards the top and wants to be seen as a guy that earned his spot.

“So with RAW my role is just finding ways to get opportunities and get eyes on me. That’s what I’ve been trying to do, maximizing minutes. I’m kinda of a role player in the sense that I’ll do whatever’s asked of me to the best of my ability. I tend to do really well when that pressure’s on and the role is bigger and bigger, but I don’t control that. When the time comes, it’ll be great to do.

“The cool thing for me is, you build this fan connection as a wrestler, and I’ve build my fan connection over the years by literally chipping away to the point where when something happens good for me and it’s successful, people are like, ‘Yes, we’ve been waiting. Yes, he deserves this.’ I always would rather be the guy who deserves it than the guy who was thrust on you. There was something magical when Eddie Guerrero won the title. It was like, ‘Woah, yeah, we were there with you.’ That’s always been, for me, those are the journeys that I get drawn to.”

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