Orange Cassidy Is Happy To Be A Gateway Into Wrestling For Non-Wrestling Fans

orange cassidy
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Orange Cassidy is happy to be a little part of getting the wrestling fanbase to expand.

Speaking at a roundtable interview at San Diego Comic-Con, via Absolute Geek Podcast, Orange Cassidy spoke about being a performer that appeals to casual and non-wrestling fans, allowing them to get into wrestling through him.

Cassidy said that he loves doing conventions because he gets to meet people that want to see him, then noted that reactions like that make him feel like he’s doing his job as a performer.

“That’s why I love coming to events like this, going to do conventions, meet and greets and stuff because you can’t read the internet, obviously. It’s a bad place now. So you go to the people that actually wanna see you, and I hear that a lot. I hear ‘my significant other, my brother, my sister, they don’t watch wrestling. I love wrestling, I want them to watch with me, and you’re the perfect gateway for them to come in.’ For me, then I’m like I’m doing my job. I love professional wrestling obviously enough that I’m gonna wrestle when I have to. But it’s like, I think everybody should enjoy that. I want everybody to feel inclusive, so if I’m a little part of that, to make everyone kind of feel together and come watch us,” Orange said, “if I could have a little part of that, it’s great. I’m into it.”

While talking about the recent AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door event, Rocky Romero revealed that Orange Cassidy was originally tentative about facing Will Ospreay at the pay-per-view. Read more about why he initially had concerns about the match and how things smoothed over at this link.

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