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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard / WrestleZone

Austin Gunn Had A Great Day Without Danhausen Around

Austin Gunn had a great day in Nashville and it’s all thanks to Danhausen … not being there.

WrestleZone spoke with Austin Gunn at Starrcast V about his history with Danhausen and The Acclaimed, and the Gunn Club member highlighted how his day was going without his adversaries around.

“First of all, Danhausen isn’t here today and you hit the nail right on the head — I am in such a great mood. No Danhausen, The Acclaimed aren’t here,” he said. “I’m having the time of my life. I’m the best rapper here and if Max Caster was here, I’d still be the best rapper here.”

Danhausen is the one responsible for calling the Gunn Club “Ass Boys”. Has Austin considered fighting fire with fire and cursing Danhausen or bestowing a nickname to him?

“We’re not Ass Boys. I literally had to write it on our poster [points to poster]. We’re the Gunn Club. It consists of me, Colten and Billy Gunn. The Gunn Club. Not Danhausen, not Ass Boys and not The Acclaimed. You know what I can probably call him? Ugly. I have never been cursed and I know he says he wants to curse me all of the time, but when I see him I usually just curse him out.” 

“Austin Gunn, best rapper alive, best wrestler alive. Soon-to-be tag champs, I’m just putting it into fruition,” Austin said, “a vision board, if you will. Thank you for stopping by, thank The Acclaimed and Danhausen for not being here, I guess they don’t like money and that just says a lot about them. And we’re going to beat them in a Dumpster Match on Wednesday.”

The Gunn Club will face off with The Acclaimed in a Dumpster Match on the August 3 episode of AEW Dynamite. Read more about how Road Dogg believes the Gunn Club is on their way to becoming huge stars in the wrestling business at this link.

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