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The Briscoes On ROH’s New Era: Let Us Get In The Ring And Whoop Ass

The Briscoes are looking for a fight and it doesn’t matter who it’s with.

Ring Of Honor stars The Briscoes spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard during Starrcast V weekend about their future in the Tony Khan era of ROH. The Briscoes have been a decorated part of ROH since the very beginning and they said that their in-ring mentality won’t change under new ownership.

Jay: “We just like being able to get out there and crank it up. That’s all we ever want to do, just get out there…put us in the ring, let us go, that’s it.”

Mark: “[We want to] continue to wrestle and whoop ass. I mean, that’s what we do, that’s all we’ve been wanting to do since we were little kids, and now, we’re going into another era of Ring of Honor, so let us get in the ring and whoop ass.”

Asked about potentially running into some new teams in the new ROH, The Briscoes said that it doesn’t matter who is in front of them because they still want to get in the ring and fight the best teams around, no matter where they are.

Jay: “Line ’em up. I don’t even want to sit here and name names, cause I’m going to forget somebody, but every single daggone tag team out there. Every time I see a tag team match, I start salivating, alright? It doesn’t matter who it is out there.”

Mark: “Yeah I mean, line ’em up, we’ll knock ’em down. I mean, that’s pretty much how it goes. Tony Khan owns Ring of Honor now, I think Tony Khan owns another wrestling promotion, and they have tag team titles over there as well, so…tag teams everywhere, tag team titles everywhere, and we’d be happy to snatch ’em all up.”

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