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Booker T Comments On Potentially Returning To WWE Commentary On A Weekly Basis

Booker T enjoyed his time on commentary on Monday Night RAW this week, but he has no intentions of returning to the role full-time.

On the latest episode of The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke about if he’s interested in returning to WWE commentary on a weekly basis.

“We’ll; I’m gonna tell you this here, man. I’m not looking to get back to the table or anything like that,” Booker T said. “But I’m all about the check, man, and what I mean by that is I’m all about taking care of my family. So any income coming in, I’m definitely gonna, my kids gonna be the recipients in the long run. I’m gonna push myself to the limit, and they asked me to come back to the table, I would go.

“But there again, man, working that 52-week a year schedule, it’s a monster, man. It’s a monster being in a different city every week, as well as everything else that I got going on, hosting Smack Talk, I still got a few episodes to shoot with that, with this, ‘The Hall of Fame,’ we got Reality of Wrestling, which is growing exponentially. I always say I never have time for anything. I make time. So yeah, I get the work done.”

When asked about being on commentary on Monday Night RAW, Booker T said he had a great time doing it.

“The electricity in the house last night, it was palpable,” Booker T said. “It was such a great time just being in that moment, as well as talking about something that I was really, really comfortable talking about. As well as, it is a difference in WWE now, a little bit more credit to talk and just be yourself, so I had a great time.”

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